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Sleeping Dogs 2 debate: does Shen deserve a sequel?

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at 03:47pm November 27 2012

Our scribes brawl over the potential of Sleeping Dogs 2. Do you think Wei Shen merits a sequel or would you like to see the undercover cop consigned to history?

Sleeping Dogs producer says Square “believed in this game as a potential franchise”, 6 months DLC planned

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at 02:07pm October 29 2012
Sleeping Dogs' zombie DLC North Point

In an interview with producer Dan Sochan about Sleeping Dogs’ upcoming Nightmare at North Point DLC, Sochan has admitted they have 6 months of content packs on the way, including some that, “Explore aspects of Hong Kong cinema, and others that are a little more serious”. He’s also spoken about the studio’s relationship with Square Enix saying, “They believed in this game as a potential franchise from the very beginning”.

Sleeping Dogs 2: our sequel wishlist

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at 01:00pm September 24 2012
sleeping dogs review PS3

Two years ago the game once known as True Crime: Hong Kong was extinct; now it’s a surprise Game Of The Year contender called Sleeping Dogs. So good, in fact, that we’re already excited for a potential sequel. Here are five reasons Wei Shen needs a second outing sooner rather than never… [WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS]

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