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Skyrim PS3 1.5 update out ‘this afternoon’

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at 03:04pm April 5 2012
Skyrim kills feat

Bethesda’s VP of PR Pete Hines has just tweeted that Skyrim’s PS3 1.5 update will be out “this afternoon”. It includes new kill cams and a range of fixes.

New PS3 Skyrim 1.4 patch: has the update fixed your lag?

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at 01:19pm February 10 2012
skyrim ps3 1.4 patch

That’s the 1.4 million dollar question. The PS3 Skyrim lag debacle has been spindling a web of framerate-related sadness like a giant,  unruly Frostbite Spider since the game’s release in November. Now, though, it looks like Lagzilla might finally have been put out of its misery, thanks to the new Skyrim 1.4 PS3 patch. Well, ‘might’.

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