Shadow of the Colossus

RetroStation: Shadow Of The Colossus – a PS2 masterpiece with the most awesome horse in games

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at 03:44pm September 23 2013
Shadow Of The Colossus

As taglines go, ‘into the unknown, ride forth’ isn’t the most attention-grabbing. Even more so when you think of the alternatives Team Ico could have gone with for Shadow Of The Colossus: a game where you stand on the shoulders of giants… then repeatedly stab them to sad, stone-faced death. And yet those five little words perfectly capture the central charm of this enigmatic work of art.

Impressive The Last Guardian speaker thing joins Shadow of the Colossus hard drive

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at 12:50pm January 16 2013
The Last Guardian Shadow of the colossus

Not long after showing that impressive Shadow of the Colossus hard drive case, creator FoxFoxWaltz has unveiled the first part of a decorative The Last Guardian speaker set.

Shadow Of The Colossus film gets Hanna scriptwriter

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at 12:21pm January 8 2013
Shadow of the Colossus

Seth Lochhead is the latest name attached to the oh-God-are-they-really-going-to-try? film adaptation of Sony’s Shadow Of The Colossus.

PlayStation’s groundbreakers – the games that set a new standard for the platform

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at 10:14am November 29 2012

We look at the games that go beyond fun to play and challenge the definition of genre and videogaming itself. The industry’s better for these Bioshocks, Icos and Heavy Rains having existed, so let’s doff our caps and pay tribute. Doff it…

God Of War Collection, ICO and Shadow Of The Colossus HD now remote play compatible

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at 02:36pm September 5 2012
God Of War Ico PS Vita

Anyone who owns a PS Vita, a PS3 and either the God Of War or Ico/Shadow Of The Colossus HD collections can now download a free patch that enables remote play.

Here’s a beautiful Shadow Of The Colossus painting for your eyes

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at 02:32pm July 18 2012
Shadow of the colossus

Reddit user PuffinFluff, also known as Sirio has posted this lovely Shadow Of The Colossus painting. There’s more of his stuff here. I’ve contacted him for additional info but for the time being all we know is that he’s a concept artist currently in the employee of Sony Online Entertainment.

Shadow Of The Colossus movie gets Chronicle director

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at 12:20pm May 24 2012
Shadow of the Colossus movie

Deadline is reporting that Chonicle director Josh Trank has signed up to develop Sony Picture’s movie adaptation of Shadow Of The Colossus.

A PlayStation Valentine

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at 10:40am February 14 2012

Remember Olly Moss? He was the artist behind Resistance 3′s lovely Saul Bass inspired artwork. He’s just posted what he calls a “dumb valentines thing for the girl”. It’s a sweet little message communicated through the medium of Shadow Of The Colossus. Click on for the whole message and then say ‘ahhhh’.

“No need to worry” tweets Fumito Ueda. The Last Guardian’s “still in production.”

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at 10:09am December 6 2011
LAst Gaurdian

According to Andriasang, Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus creator has posted a tweet to reassure fans after rumours broke he had left the game. Fumito Ueda’s tweet appeared last night and is the first thing anyone’s said since the story broke that Ueda was finishing The Last Guardian freelance.

PlayStation Trophy news this week 30/11/11

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at 05:47pm November 30 2011

This week in the world of PlayStation trophies, we capture a preview of the bounty on offer in upcoming PSN remaster Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD, Shrek’s friend Puss in Boots serenades us with a simple collection of silverware, plus we have a top tip for those who like horsing around in Shadow of the Colossus.

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