Football Manager Classic 2014 PS Vita review – on-the-go obsession let down by its pressing game

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at 12:42pm April 11 2014

As a recovering FM addict (I’ve banned myself from playing the PC version since 2012), playing Football Manager 2014 Classic could have been a disaster. Sure, this handheld version is meant to be less life-sapping and somewhat shallower, but you don’t go around offering weak lager to alcoholics, do you? The series’ PS Vita debut is a solid supplement to that which you spend your nights playing while hoping the wife doesn’t catch you, but there are enough flaws in its implementation to ensure that I came through the experience with only a mild twitch in one eyelid.

Football Manager Classic 2014 on Vita: Sports Interactive’s Miles Jacobson answers your (and OPM’s) questions

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at 04:43pm April 10 2014

The phone rings. I answer it. “Hi, it’s Miles from Sports Interactive” – a sentence sure to set any Football Manager veteran’s blood flowing. As much as I want to spend an hour telling veteran Sports Interactive director Miles Jacobson about my frankly magnificent Fulham career, asking why 34-year-old Messi is still turning down my contract offers even though Barca haven’t won anything in years, and sending screengrabs of my favourite formations, I refrain. Instead, I put forth a number of burning questions from OPM readers about Football Manager Classic 2014 on Vita, which releases April 11th.

Alien Isolation’s sound engine knows when you’re hiding, audio team using original movie recordings

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at 10:30am April 4 2014
alien Isolation

Sega has released a video explaining the sound of Alien Isolation. Wait, come back. There’s new footage and it explains how the adaptive sound engine knows when you’re hiding and makes things even creepier.

A grizzly tale – Reloading Condemned 2′s terrifying predator scuffle

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at 11:32am March 31 2014
condemned 2

You should always look for the bear necessities, those simple bear necessities…especially when Yogi’s second cousin is about to tear out your windpipe. Yup, Monolith sure knows how to conjure a grizzly that’s more man-eating than your average picnic basket-scoffer. If there’s a prize for the most memorable animal attack on PS3, Condemned 2′s encounter would surely clean up.

Alien Isolation gets October 7th release date

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at 10:47am March 31 2014
Alien Isolation

Sega’s announced an October release date for Alien Isolation on PS3 & PS4. The first person survival horror sees Ripley’s daughter Amanda taking on a Xenomorph one on one in an abandoned space station and has been very well received so so far.

Alien Isolation dev: “If you don’t give it the respect it demands, you will not survive”

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at 03:13pm March 28 2014
alien Isolation

Alien Isolation’s creative lead Alistair Hope gave some insight on the upcoming survival horror game Alien Isolation’s difficulty in a recent interview. The TL;DR version: you’re going to die a lot. Hope also promises a very personal relationship between the player and xenomorph, created by the game’s largely unscripted structure.

Alien Isolation interview – senior designer Gary Napper & art lead Jude Bond on bringing the bitch back

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at 10:31am March 26 2014
alien Isolation

The bone-rattling, nerve-shattering hands-on wasn’t all that left a lasting impression from our exclusive trip to see Alien: Isolation for the first time at developer Creative Assembly. Equally impactful was the passion and confidence of its developer, which is trying to achieve something unprecedented within this storied franchise. We caught up with two of their key men to talk eye sockets, bucking trends and jumping the shark.

New Alien Isoloation trailer focusing on making a really scary alien

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at 12:34pm March 14 2014
alien Isolation

We interviewed Creative Assembly a while back Alien Isolation’s alien, now it’s released a new trailer with more details on its creation. Here it detail the difficulties of making something that big and scary work in a space designed for humans, and how it’s hunting you all the time in an unscripted way. Great.

Alien Isolation gameplay hands on – feeling the horror on PS4 with Creative Assembly

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at 10:47am March 10 2014
alien Isolation

Holy crap, there’s no fire button in Alien Isolation. The alien, all three metres of it, lurches towards me after reacting to my footsteps, narrowing my options with every sickening thud of its tread. Using every bit of FPS training I have, I mash all the shoulder buttons on the DualShock 4, hoping for an ironsight. A super-soaker. Something. But those skills won’t save me here – I was never supposed to kill the alien, just survive. I got reckless, and now without any means of defence I’m going to get dead. I can’t stop grinning with delight.

Why Alien Isolation’s monster ditched the movie design: “We all know it’s a man in a rubber suit”

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at 11:26am February 26 2014
alien Isolation

So how do you go about recreating one of cinema’s most iconic monsters in a game? As Creative Assembly’s Jude Bond, the lead artist for Alien Isolation on PS4 explains “We had to start largely from scratch”.

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