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Playing Watch Dogs’ companion app – sabotaging your friends on PS4

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at 12:54pm December 13 2013
Watch Dogs second screen

The good thing about the proliferation of companion apps for mobiles, iPads and the like is that they lend themselves to a whole bunch of truly hilarious puns. Think ‘what’s app-ening’, ‘app-y go lucky’, and – my personal favourite – ‘app where we belong’. So now I’ve ruined the use of those for everybody else, let’s discuss Watch Dogs’ second-screen experience.

PS4 o’clock how to: set up Remote Play on PS Vita & PlayStation 4

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at 05:30pm November 28 2013
PS4 vita remote play

Here’s a PS4 guide to setting up Remote Play and Second Screen functions using the PS Vita. It’s a really simple process that can have you playing Shadow Fall in bed in seconds.

PS Vita firmware 3.0 live – PS4 link & second screen options added. Trailer & features

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at 10:30am November 5 2013
PS Vita PS4 Link

PS Vita’s 3.0 firmware is now live (mine downloaded this morning). The update add the PS4 Link app making PlayStation 4 Remote Play possible and second screen stuff ready for when the consoles out. Here’s a full list of features and video to explain it all.

PlayStation App releasing Nov 22: PS4 remote, second screen & social features explained

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at 11:10am October 28 2013
PS4 app

More PS4 info, this time on the PlayStation app. It’ll be releasing free in Europe on November 22nd for iOS and Android. As well as the social stuff (friends list, trophies etc), it’ll turn your device into a second screen, a keyboard and a remote control to start your PS4. There’s a PS Vita version of the PS 4 app due in the next firmware update.

PS4′s first system software update detailed. 1.50 live at launch: features listed

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at 04:47pm October 25 2013
ps4 in  a box

Sony has announced a full features list for PS4′s first system software update. The 1.50 patch is around 300MB and will be available at launch. It’ll add the following: Remote Play, second screen, record & upload gameplay, play as you download, multi log-in, party chat, face recognition/voice commands, background music player, online multiplayer and Blu-ray/DVD player. Suspend/resume mode will not be avililbe at launch.

8 PS4 second screen apps explained – the future of PlayStation 4 cross-platform gaming

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at 11:42am September 10 2013

The PS4 is betting hard on second screens – addition iPad and android apps that let you manage and even play your game away from the PlayStation 4. Here are a few great examples of how they’re being used.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain guns for user-created missions as Snake goes open world

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at 03:42pm September 5 2013

Hideo Kojima has never been afraid to take a meaty swing at that fabled fourth wall. Be it the pad-swapping malarkey of MGS1 or telling you to switch off your PS2 in Sons Of Liberty, the Metal Gear creator loves to push boundaries. And now, the esoteric director has his sights firmly locked on smashing game taboos.

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag PS4 hands-on from Gamescom

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at 03:25pm August 27 2013

My first hands-on experience of Assassin’s Creed 4 on PS4 is split into two sections: an actual core assassination, and then a bit of an open-world muck about on boats. The crucial thing is that within seconds of playing this really showcases the fact that stealth is back and actually works – something that simply didn’t work in the glitchy Assassin’s Creed 3.

See The Division’s second screen gaming in action – how PS4 & tablets will play together

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at 12:25pm August 20 2013
The Division second screen

We’ve talked before about how second screen gaming is going to be big on PS4, now you can actually see it in action in Ubisoft’s The Division. Here a player controls a drone on a tablet to support PS4 teammates in a variety of interesting ways.

Battlefield 4 Battlelog trailer – uses second screen to set up games, configure loadouts & set waypoints

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at 05:11pm July 25 2013
Screen shot 2013-07-25 at 5.03.38 PM

Dice have finally outlined just what Battlefield 4′s new Battlelog will do on “next generation platforms” (like PS4). It basically lets you take the game away with you on a mobile or tablet – setting up loadouts or choosing games while you’re out. You can also use a second screen as a map and set waypoints.

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