Assassin’s Creed Unity screen leaks, video pulled by Ubi suggests it’s real

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at 11:04am April 4 2014
Assassin's Creed Unity screen

A single screen of Assassin’ Creed Unity has allegedly appeared online from a video quickly removed by a Ubisoft copyright claim. It seems to show the same streets originally revealed in the announcement trailer.

New The Division screens & Snowdrop engine trailer show dead bodies in the street & amazing lighting effects

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at 11:34am March 24 2014
The Division new screens PS4

That there would be a pile of dead bodies rotting in the street. The first indication of just how bad The Division’s disease apocalypse set up has got. These new screens have come from a new trailer detailing the new Snowdrop engine behind Ubi’s beautiful but grim PS4 shooter.

New Dragon Age Inquisition screens go big on dragons

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at 10:31am March 24 2014
Dragon Age Inquisition screens ps4

Some new Dragon Age Inquisition screens have appeared showing dragons, trolls and undead, as well as magical combat and a few new locations created using DICE’s Frostbite engine.

inFamous Second Son review screens – get a look at what Delsin can do

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at 02:00pm March 20 2014
inFAMOUS Second Son ps4 review

To go with our inFamous Second Son review here Sony’s released a bunch of new screens showing Delsin in action against the scenic backing of Seattle.

Assassin’s Creed 5 Unity leaked – first screens & info for the 18th century Paris-set PS4 sequel

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at 11:50am March 20 2014
Assassin's Creed 5 Unity screens

Screens & info for Assassin’s Creed 5, have leaked showing an 18th century Paris setting. Sources suggest this version, codenamed Unity is for PS4, while a second separate game, codenamed, Comet will be for PS3.

New The Division images show off New York streets & plague hospitals

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at 12:48pm March 17 2014
The Division ps4 screens

A couple of new The Division images have appeared on the game’s Facebook page showing more of the new Snowdrop engine and what looks like a militarised hospital (the game’s set during an epidemic).

New inFamous Second Son screens show new powers, locations &… monsters?

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at 12:13pm March 17 2014
infamous second son new powers

A whole ton of new inFamous Second Son screens have appeared online and I mean loads. There’s plenty of images showing new powers and what appears to be winged bat things causing trouble.

Dragon Age Inquisition gets new screens, trailer & info: promises “realistic ecosystem” & “emergent system based your actions”

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at 05:34pm March 6 2014
Dragon Age Inquistion

Bioware has posted new Dragon Age Inquisition screens and a trailer to explain how it’s using the Frostbite engine to support “massive areas, destruction, and the most advanced next-gen technology we’ve ever seen”.

New MGS 5 Ground Zeroes screens show Déjà Vu missions, combat & vehicles

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at 10:38am March 6 2014
Metal Gear Solid 5 ground zeroes screens

A bunch of new MGS 5 Ground Zeroes screens have arrived showing a Snake’s QCQ moves, a range vehicles and the PS1 flavoured MGS 5 Déjà Vu missions.

New The Division screens show rooftop combat & beautiful HUDs

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at 11:46am March 5 2014
New The Division screens PS4

Look, a good HUD is to be appreciated right. And The Division’s in-world integration is a thing of beauty. I haven’t been this excited about menus since Dead Space. As well as this there’s some rooftop combat and a look at that incredible Snowdrop engine’s melting snow.

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