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Saint Row turns Enter the Dominatrix DLC into full sequel releasing 2013

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at 01:06pm June 20 2012
Saints Row 3 PS3

THQ have canned Saints Row’s Enter the Dominatrix DLC in favor of developing it as a full priced title currently called “The Next Great Sequel in the Saints Row Franchise”.

Saints Row 3 DLC adds sporting spectacle, giant ball of twine

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at 10:45am January 18 2012
Saints Row 3 PS3 update

With Superbowl XLVI just around the corner on 2 February, what better way to commemorate American football’s greatest spectacle than with a new slice of absolutely mental DLC for THQ’s open world shooter? The Genkibowl VII Saints Row 3 PS3 update has a distinctly sporting vibe, and adds new costumes, weapons, vehicles and activities to the mentally unstable open-worlder.

Monday’s PS3 video round up

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at 02:43pm January 16 2012

And on the seventh day he did create man, Skyrim heroes doing their best Ezio impressions and Cold War soldiers murdering hundred year old snipers for a gold Trophy. Yes, it has to be time for this week’s video round up. Apart from the random visual goings on we’ve just informed you about, there’s also Saint’s Row The Third sneaky car customisation tips, table-borking ultra suplexes in WWE 12 and…

PlayStation trophy news this week 7/12/11

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at 11:13am December 7 2011

This week in the world of PlayStation trophies, we look ahead to the madcap rewards available in Saints Row: The Third’s upcoming Genki Bowl VII DLC, bust some moves and cut up a rug for cups in Just Dance 3, and have a top tip for becoming a Dyno-Might Master in Uncharted 3.

Monday’s PS3 video round up

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at 12:46pm November 21 2011

It’s that time again (no, not when you threaten to stick your head in the office microwave because it’s Monday morning). Instead, it’s time to view some of the funniest, most glitchy and downright weird PS3 videos the world wide ‘thing that comes out of a spider’s ass’ has to offer. In this edition of our video round up, we’ve got epic Skyrim dancing (no lag here, no sir), the…

Saints Row: The Third review

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at 02:26pm November 11 2011
Saints Row The Third PS3

The fact that Saints Row: The Third is crazy is no secret. Madder than a tumble drier full of gerbils. But only after spending some concerted time in its nutbar world do you start to realise that it’s also bipolar. One minute it’s loud, exciting and the life and soul of the party, joyfully throwing you into a massively OTT set-piece. The next it’s near silent – almost bashfully looking…

Access episode 8 on YouTube now

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at 11:38am November 11 2011
PlayStation Access

The latest episode of Access is up the Youtubes. This week it’s all about Saints Row, FIFA Street, MCMExpo and the swanky Vidzone redesign launch party. Watch it here.

Saints Row: The Third ‘The Awesome button. Watch naked ladies pile drive policeman

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at 11:09am November 9 2011

Honestly, you leave some people alone with a game for five minutes and the most unimaginable things can happen. All they had to do was capture footage of Saints Row’s Awesome Button – a magic ‘do everything’ trigger that hijacks car or performs combat moves in the move ridiculous way possible – and they come back with full frontal nudity, men in skirts and God only knows what else. That button is pretty awesome, though.   

PlayStation Trophy news this week

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at 10:36am November 9 2011

This week in the world of PlayStation trophies, the cups for Saints Row: The Third come straight outta Steelport, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 launches with a mix of story campaign and co-op rewards, and for those still playing Spec Ops on Modern Warfare 2 we have a tip for killing 4 enemies while Downed But Not Out.

Saints Row The Third trophies

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at 10:14am November 9 2011
Saints Row

The Saint Row trophies are up on No spoilers as such, more confusion and concern with awards when you “Do your first nutshot AND testicle assault.” Nice. There’s a fairly good spread with plenty of easy bronze and silver to boost your score. Anyway see what you think. You’ve got a bit of time before the game’s November 18th release date.

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