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Saints Row 4 PS3 review – Uneven open-world is a clear and President danger to itself

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at 02:00pm August 14 2013
saints row 4 screens

Clearly, the 3rd Streets Saints have never had a scan of the Declaration of Independence. You can forget about all men being created equal the first time you zip up the side of a Steelport skyscraper or bound 30 metres into the air with your superpowered President. Volition’s madcap sandbox has donned some fetching tights and emblazoned a big, fat S over its chest as it looks to soar over its predecessors while zapping Infamous with a freeze ray and punching it into the stratosphere.

Saints Row 4 preview – prime candidate for new highs in sandbox silliness

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at 01:00pm July 1 2013
saints row 4 screens

An ode to the gaming odd couple. Where would we be without Ratchet and Clank’s bromantic bickering or the gruff Mr DeWitt saving lovely Elizabeth from a metal budgie the size of an elephant? In that fine tradition, Volition now brings us ‘superpowered politician meets giant mech’. Saints Row IV’s vehicles truly are every bit as crazy as the game’s deranged premise.

A Saint’s Row 4 dev explains why a super powered president is, “the right level of absurdity”

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at 11:56am May 23 2013
saints row 4 screens

Saints Row 4 has you playing the president of the United States… who has superpowers… during an alien invasion. Okaaay. While it sounds Volition’s sandbox series has simply waved goodbye to that single lingering strand of sanity. Then again as the game’s design director Scott Phillips points out: “When you think about it, a politician’s job isn’t exactly that exciting”.

Saints Row 4 PS3 preview: It’s all the President’s Zen for the deranged open-world series

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at 03:59pm March 22 2013

Warning: the following few sentences will read like we wrote them while severely concuss. Saints Row 4 has you playing the President of the United States… who has superpowers… during an alien invasion. Okaaay. Rest assured, we’ve not suffered debilitating noggin injures. Volition’s sandbox series has simply waved goodbye to that last lingering strand of sanity.

Saints Row 4 screens show superpowered President fighting aliens

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at 12:36pm March 18 2013

Because sometimes you can’t make up a stupid enough headline. Saints Row sees the gang being “elected to the Presidency of the United States” and fighting aliens. Thank God we have the screens to prove this isn’t some weird cheese dream.

Saints Row 4 revealed with trailer & release date. Both mental

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at 02:53pm March 15 2013
Saints Row 4

The trailer’s mental because it’s full of superpowers and aliens and punching people in the balls. The release date’s mental because it’s three weeks before GTA 5. Good luck with that.

Official PlayStation Magazine podcast 44: Bioshock Infinite, PS4, Saints Row 4, WWE 14, and more…

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at 10:20am January 22 2013
Podcast 44

A new year is here, and this episode of the Official PlayStation Magazine podcast finds editor Ben Wilson and the team looking ahead to the next 12 months in gaming. Is Bioshock Infinite going to live up to the hype? What are the chances of PS4 emerging before the year is out? And will THQ games like WWE, Homefront, Saints Row and Red Faction survive now that the company has gone bankrupt? Listen in for answers to all of the above, and much more.

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