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The Order 1886′s visual secret: “Emulating imperfections & lens dirt” say Ready At Dawn

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at 01:04pm March 4 2014
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We recently got see The Order 1886 in action and speak to Ready At Dawn founder & CEO Ru Weerasuriya about the cinematic effects used to create the game’s impressive visuals. The secret’s apparently modelling real life camera lenses and dirt.

New The Order gameplay info & video clips – combat, cover & controls detailed

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at 10:49am February 27 2014
The Order PS4 Gameplay screens

As well as the old The Order 1886 gameplay video just released there’s also a bunch of new information covering The Order’s tech, combat and some interesting touchpad features on the DualShock.

The Order: 1886 gameplay & preview – Ready At Dawn’s ambitious PS4 Uncharted-beater

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at 01:00pm February 18 2014
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You haven’t seen graphics like this before. At least, not running in real-time. Ready At Dawn has gone stark-screaming-crazy with the levels of fidelity in just about everything you see in The Order 1886. From armour glints and hair swish to cloud… cloudiness. Our first, enthralling look at The Order’s fictionalised version of Victorian London – infused with a Tesla-fueled industrial revolution – has been established beautifully because every element feels that bit different to other games. It’s exactly the tingle of excitement a new IP should deliver – the promise of a world worth exploring.

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