Angry Birds: Star Wars PS4 review – At a price like this, no wonder they’re furious

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at 03:04pm December 20 2013
Angry Birds Star Wars PS4

Make no mistake: this Skywalker-styled spin-off of the biggest game ever to grace a smartphone is one of the most creative, addictive, and just plain cute offerings available on your PS4 right now. To own Angry Birds: Star Wars is to instantly commit yourself to endless nights of just-one-more-go mania, as you slingshot variously-powered avians at an assortment of bacon-faced enemies. It is, in a word, ingenious. Sadly it is also, in four, a scandalous rip-off.

Angry Birds Star Wars is heading to PS3 and Vita later this year

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at 03:17pm July 18 2013
Angry Birds Star Wars 2

Be still your beating, ornothologically inclined hearts – the best-selling Angry-Birds-does-Star-Wars shtick is getting not only a PS Vita release, but a full-blown boxed copy for PS3, too. Sounds like it’ll set you back more than £0.69, then.

Angry Birds PS3 screenshots look like Angry Birds (what were you expecting?)

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at 03:43pm July 11 2012
Angry Birds PS Screenshots Trilogy

The first screens for the Angry Birds trilogy on PS3 have arrived. You’ll never guess what they look like.

Angry Birds Trilogy coming to PS3 with enhanced graphics and Move control

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at 04:44pm July 10 2012
Angry Birds PS3

Angry Birds Trilogy will be coming to PS3 with enhanced graphics and Move controls. The current release date is simply ‘holiday’, which in America-land usually means Christmas.

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