OlliOlli coming to PS4 & PS3 this Summer, Roll7 “looking into Cross-Buy”

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at 02:39pm March 24 2014

Roll7 has announced OlliOlli will be coming to PS4 and PS3 later this Summer. The studio is also “looking into Cross-Buy” options.

OlliOlli’s big risk: from sh*tty emails to relief – the true story of making a PlayStation indie game from Roll7

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at 03:21pm March 21 2014

So you’ve a successful London digital agency with paying clients and every thing’s going well. But you’ve also got an idea for a game that people seem to like and, to make it happen, means giving all that up: gambling security and potential unemployment on a (half) pipe dream. What do you do? “There is something quite addictive about making people fall on their face a lot,” admits Roll7′s John Ribbins, “let’s can our agency and make a game…”

OlliOlli ‘how to’ tips direct from Roll7 – max out scores & combos with help from the creators

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at 04:24pm January 27 2014
Port Fakie Ollie_1389964107

Having trouble getting the higher scores, combos or challenges on OlliOlli? I don’t blame you: it’s a game designed to make you suffer. With that in mind I chased down the Roll7 team to ask them for tips to help make the grinds less of a grind.

OlliOlli PS Vita review – Superb 2D skater never leaves you board

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at 12:01pm January 21 2014

Not to brag, but I just stuck the gnarliest 360 Inward Heelflip in virtual skateboarding history. Or maybe it was a Backside Shove-It. Then again, it easily could’ve been a Frontside Bigspin or a Laserflip, I’m not really sure. I’ve been playing OlliOlli obsessively for several days and I’m no closer to memorising the arcane terminology filling the in-game Tricktionary, which offers a handy guide to the left-stick rotation pattern required to pull off the game’s myriad stylish board manoeuvres.

OlliOlli gets January 22nd release date on PS Vita – “you will slam on your face”

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at 10:19am January 10 2014
Don't let the simple art style fool you, Olli Olli is *nails*.

The mega-hard PS Vita pixel boarder Olli Olli has been locked into a January 22nd release date in Europe and has a trailer to prove it. You might remember the game from when I interviewed the devs, Roll7, hungover.

OlliOlli – a tale of skateboards, hangovers and Sony’s big indie love-in

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at 03:57pm July 19 2013
olliolli ps vita

I suck at OlliOlli. Partly because I was hungover when I met Roll7′s John Ribbins and Tom Hegarty at last week’s Develop conference. And also because it’s hard. Miami Hotline meets skateboarding hard – that weird Stockholm syndrome style frustration where you’re definitely going to fling the Vita any second. Just after you’ve had one more go to check.

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