GTA Online’s Capture Creator tool goes live 11th April, double GTA$ and RP for Capture jobs until then

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at 11:49am April 10 2014

Rockstar has put out the good word that its Capture Creator tool for GTA Online will be released this Friday April 11th. The tool allows you to create your own Capture jobs with four variants (Contend, GTA, Hold and Raid), submit them to the Rockstar Social Club and let all and sundry play, share and rate them.

Another rumoured GTA V PS4 release date emerges – this time it’s German retailer Saturn

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at 04:59pm April 8 2014
GTA online creator mode & GTA 5 story DLC

Another day, another German retailer mascot’s Twitter account promises GTA 5 on PS4. Following on from earlier rumours of Franklin & co’s next-gen appearance, German retailer claimed the game is heading to PlayStation 4 in June.

Is this the unluckiest GTA V player ever? Watch 34 seconds of incredible misfortune befall poor Murat

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at 02:33pm April 8 2014
Unluickiest GTA V player

Poor old Murat. If he isn’t the unluckiest GTA V player out there, it’d be just his luck to come up second place. In this incredibly action-packed 34-second video, the hapless player falls victim to increasingly improbable disasters. Either that or he and his mates are slapstick geniuses who choreographed the whole thing to perfection. Either way, it’s quite the watch.

Rockstar sale on PSN – Max Payne 3, Manhunt & GTA 4 all around a fiver (ish)

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at 12:21pm March 19 2014
Max Payne 3

There’s a big Rockstar sale on the PSN at the moment and running into next week. GTA, Max Payne 3, Manhunt, Read Dead Revolver and just about everything they’ve done on PS3, PS2 and PSP is going cheap with a lot of prices around the £5-7 mark.

GTA 5 for PS4 listed again by online retailer

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at 12:23pm March 4 2014
GTA 5 ps4

GTA 5 for PS4 has been listed again by another online retailer, this time the Portuguese Worgen. When contacted the site responded (via Google translate) “we have the information that Worten stores will sell the game in question”.

GTA 5 & Online Business Update coming March 4th – new customisation, guns, cars & plane

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at 12:44pm February 28 2014
gta 5 online business update

Rockstar has announced the Business Update for both GTA Online and GTA 5, adding new customisation options, weapons, vehicles and a Vestra plane. The new content will be out March 4th

GTA Online Capture mode arrives today: includes four new modes & 20 jobs

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at 10:21am December 18 2013

Rockstar has announced the new GTA Online mode Capture will be going live today as an automatic update. It brings with it 20 new jobs and four new modes: Raid, Hold, GTA and Capture. It’s described overall as a “GTA twist on classic capture the flag style confrontations”.

GTA Online PS3 glitch lets you play the North Yankton prologue level – video

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at 10:47am December 11 2013
GTA online North yankton

Well, this is interesting: a glitch lets you access GTA 5′s prologue location, North Yankton, in GTA Online. Once there you’re free to explore the location which, bizarrely, floats over the main map like one of the ships from Independence Day. Wait… UFOs?

GTA Online gets content creator, jobs update now. Heists & GTA 5 story DLC due 2014

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at 10:42am December 10 2013
GTA online creator mode & GTA 5 story DLC

Rockstar has announced its GTA Online content creator mode is due pretty much any time this week. It’s also releasing a new Capture mode and confirmed multiplayer heists will be coming in 2014. There’s also going to be some “substantial” GTA 5 story DLC next year.

GTA 5 UFO mystery could be a pilotable flying saucer after all

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at 12:24pm November 19 2013

Remember when everyone was all like, “check out the GTA 5 UFO mystery what does it all mean?” The original theory was it would some how reveal a flyable flying saucer. Now fans have been pulling apart the game code and have found what looks like an alien HUD.

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