Ridge Racer Unbounded

Ridge Racer Unbounded PS3 review

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at 04:00pm March 27 2012

If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, then the development teams of both Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit and Split/Second: Velocity should be blushing furiously about Ridge Racer: Unbounded. In fact, next time the guys at Bugbear might want to save themselves a bunch of time and energy, and just stand outside their contemporaries’ windows serenading them with an acoustic version of Bon Jovi’s I’ll Be There For…

Ridge Racer Unbounded preview

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at 10:19am February 13 2012
ridge racer unbounded ps3

The word ‘simple’ is rarely a compliment – just ask any browbeaten teacher who’s mistakenly used the word at a parents’ evening. But Bugbear is embracing the term for its arcade take on Ridge Racer, and in a world of ‘emergent gameplay scenarios’ and ‘delineated dynamic narrative oxidation’ it’s actually pretty refreshing.

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