Thomas Was Alone PS3 review – 2D platformer takes on a whole new dimension

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at 11:05am April 22 2013

Don’t worry, he’s not lonesome for long. After a couple of levels Thomas, a small, red rectangle, is joined by Chris, an even smaller, orange square. And then along comes John, the high jumping, fast running, yellow member of the group (and I mean that literally, it’s not an accusation of cowardice). And that’s not even half the ‘cast’ of this simple indie gem that was so well received upon its PC release last summer.

Rocksmith PS3 review – As rock ‘n’ roll as a bowl of unsorted M&Ms

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at 05:32pm September 27 2012
Rocksmith review

It’s September 2006. I arrive back at my uni house from the summer break to find my housemates clacking away at Guitar Hero in the living room. As, the only guitarist in the house, I saunter up to the greasy peripheral with confidence… and promptly fail I Love Rock ’N’ Roll.

The Amazing Spider-Man PS3 review – Not actually that amazing

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at 05:00pm July 4 2012
Spider-Man PS3 review

It’s playing something like The Amazing Spiderman that makes you realise and appreciate just how good Batman’s Arkham games are. The Dark Knight’s shadow looms large over this: from counter-based combo building combat, to the hero’s gradually disintegrating suit (which ends up revealing way too much Peter Parker flesh in the process BTW).

Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes PS Vita review – the Dark Knight fails

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at 01:00pm July 4 2012
Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Let’s plug into the Bat-computer and do some number crunching. Your Vita has a 2Ghz quad core processor. It shows off a staggering 133 million polygons per second on that OLED screen, and has 512 MB of RAM, which means that your handheld can play a 15 hour Uncharted campaign without even breaking a sweat. Well, like you, it might need some juice once or twice but that’s not the point. It’s the most powerful handheld games console on the planet and yet for your hard earned cash, TT Games hands over the 3DS version of Lego Batman 2.

Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes PS3 review – in a Justice League of its own

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at 03:37pm June 21 2012
Lego Batman 2 DC Superheroes PS Screens

To follow the origins tale of Batman Begins with his superior The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan shook up everything we knew about the franchise and pushed the Caped Crusader to the limit. In turn, TT Games has turned its pint-sized version upside down and shaken him until studs fell out.

Inversion PS3 review

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at 10:23am June 6 2012

Does this gravity-deifying shooter fly high or come down to earth with a bump? We shot a lot of stuff and floated about a bit to find out.

The Walking Dead Episode 1 PSN review

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at 02:19pm May 23 2012
Walking Dead Episode 1 PSN review 2

We face up to the responsibilities of the zombie apocalypse in this our Walking Dead Episode 1 PSN review. Is this episodic shuffler worth a punt?

Sorcery video review

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at 02:22pm May 21 2012

Here’s a Sorcery video review where Leon and Louise to talk about the Move magic adventure.

Dragon’s Dogma PS3 review

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at 12:19pm May 18 2012
Dragon's Dogma PS3 review

Is it Dark Souls meets Skyrim? Read our Dragon’s Dogma PS3 review to find out.

Battleship PS3 review

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at 10:47am May 3 2012
Battleship PS3 review

You have to feel for developers assigned to ‘game of the film of the game’ material with a premise so limited and ridiculous not even Gabe Newell and Jesus Christ could team up to fashion a triple-A title from the wreckage.

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