Resistance 3

Insomniac Games’ Ted Price talks about making his first PS1 game, creating Spyro and… eh, working in medicine

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at 11:34am September 21 2012

Ted Price’s Insomniac Games is responsible for some of the most enduring series on PlayStation. In the first part of an exclusive video interview with OPM, he talks about building a games empire and the little purple dragon that started it all.

Resistance: Sony has “no definitive plans” for the future

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at 03:00pm June 25 2012

Speaking in an interview with last Official PlayStation Magazine UK Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Online Producer Daniel Brooke told OPM that, “we have no definitive plans” for Resistance.

Win Resistance 3 stuff!

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at 05:42pm January 31 2012

There’s a great comp at You’ll have to get creative though as it requires you to write a conclusion to a Resistance story you’ll find over at the site. Insomniac will choose the winner who’ll snag the following: Resistance 3 Survivor Edition (includes a SteelBook case, a voucher code for downloadable PlayStation Store content, a canvas satchel, Chimera firing range target, Fight for Freedom toy soldiers, Joseph Capelli’s journal,…

Resistance 4 is futile

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at 12:02pm January 26 2012

“We won’t be making any more Resistances” says Insomniac CEO Ted Price. So that’s it then. Despite Resistance 3 being one of the best games of 2011. The quote came during an interview with VG247 at an industry event. Shame really, Resistance 3 was excellent. So far he’s said no more on the subject although VG247 promise a full interview in the coming days. Why, Ted, why?! There’s always Resistance Burning Skies but it’s not the…

Resistance 3 multiplayer tips from Insomniac

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at 10:04am October 14 2011

Insomniac Games knows a fair bit about Resistance 3′s weapons – they did make the game, after all. So when they go public with a video that shows you their favourite weapon loadouts and tips on how to use them, it’s probably best to pay attention.

Resistance 3 DLC Survivor Pack adds new multiplayer mode and skins

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at 05:27pm October 12 2011
Resistance 3 DLC

Looks like Resistance 3′s multiplayer is about to get a bit more tactical. The new Survivor Pack DLC which hit the PlayStation Store today adds a new ‘Invasion’ multiplayer mode, along with a host of skins and bonus concept art, priced at £3.19.

Why Resistance 3 may end up being a lost classic

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at 01:48pm October 6 2011

There’s a good chance you haven’t bothered playing Resistance 3 yet. In truth, I wasn’t going to bother playing it at all. It was only once the game actually came out that I started to notice any buzz at all. Whether it was colleagues in the office or folk on my Twitter timeline, the message was the same: “Uh, isn’t this a bit bloody good?” And I could understand the surprise.…

Resistance 3 review

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at 05:17pm September 23 2011
Resistance 3 PS3 review

The little things are what set the scene in Resistance 3’s downbeat opening. As you explore, there’s the mutt curled up on the sofa that looks up, tongue lolling, as you approach. As you move around the underground bunker you call home – protection from the roaming Chimeran death squads that now own Earth – he follows you with a flapping tail. Then there’s the little girl drawing on the…

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