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Metal Gear Solid 5 on Vita – Kojima uses Remote Play to take his sneaker portable

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at 12:52pm January 15 2014

Witchcraft! That’s Metal Gear Solid 5 running on… Vita. Elderly gentleman: hold onto your monocles. Thanks to the wonder that is PS4/Vita Remote Play, series mastermind Hideo Kojima has been tweeting pictures of himself playing MGS5 on Sony’s slinky handheld.

Sony chief thinks people look at Vita “as the iPod of gaming”

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at 03:11pm January 13 2014
PS Vita PS4 Link

Fergal Gara is always good for a sound bite. True to form, Sony’s UK MD hasn’t disappointed in a recent interview where he talks about Vita’s future, Remote Play and the handheld’s somewhat disappointing sales figures.

PS4 o’clock how to: set up Remote Play on PS Vita & PlayStation 4

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at 05:30pm November 28 2013
PS4 vita remote play

Here’s a PS4 guide to setting up Remote Play and Second Screen functions using the PS Vita. It’s a really simple process that can have you playing Shadow Fall in bed in seconds.

PS4 & PS Vita ‘Ultimate Bundle’ due Christmas – confirmed by promo material

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at 12:07pm November 22 2013
ps ps vita bundle

Reports say Sony are planning a PS4 and PS Vita bundle for Christmas. The rumour’s supported by a large advertising campaign planned for the PS Vita that pushes PlayStation 4 connectivity and Remote Play.

See Killzone Shadow Fall played on PS Vita with Remote Play

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at 10:40am November 8 2013
Killzone Shadow Fall remote play PS Vita

It’s short and game director Steven ter Heide really needs to get a new phone but here PS4′s Killzone Shadow Fall being played on PS Vita via Remote Play by Guerrilla Game’s managaing director Hermen Hulst.

Four new PS4 trailers prep for the US launch. Show controller, Remote Play & games

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at 10:16am November 6 2013
New PS4 trailers

Sony has released four new trailers covering PS4′s controller, Remote Play and two about games. It’s obviously building up to next weeks US PlayStation 4 launch on November 15th. The PS4 launch itself will be streamed live here.

PS Vita firmware 3.0 live – PS4 link & second screen options added. Trailer & features

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at 10:30am November 5 2013
PS Vita PS4 Link

PS Vita’s 3.0 firmware is now live (mine downloaded this morning). The update add the PS4 Link app making PlayStation 4 Remote Play possible and second screen stuff ready for when the consoles out. Here’s a full list of features and video to explain it all.

Sony on Vita: “it’s a PS4 in your pocket. Gamers will tell us how it’ll evolve by how they use it”

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at 12:15pm June 24 2013
Vita remote play

Sony Computer Entertainment UK boss Fergal Gara has been explaining more about the relationship between PS4 and PS Vita. Specifically he’s detailed how the, “video coder chip inside PS4 is a low-overhead facility” that means he expects, “the vast majority of PS4 games [will be] quickly and easily enabled for PS Vita”.

PS Vita Remote Play might be compulsory on PS4

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at 03:56pm May 29 2013

A “trusted PlayStation 4 developer source” has apparently revealed plans to make Remote Play between PS4 to PS Vita compulsory for developers. If it’s true it could mean PS4 games on the go all the time.

God Of War Collection, ICO and Shadow Of The Colossus HD now remote play compatible

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at 02:36pm September 5 2012
God Of War Ico PS Vita

Anyone who owns a PS Vita, a PS3 and either the God Of War or Ico/Shadow Of The Colossus HD collections can now download a free patch that enables remote play.

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