Prototype 2 PS3 gameplay video: 6 minutes of flesh-ripping unpleasantness

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at 03:00pm April 25 2012
Prototype 2 preview hands on gameplay

As we mentioned in our Prototype 2 PS3 review, the game is pretty good. Although it’s hard to sympathise with Heller, a character capable of minicing thousands of innocents in the pursuit of, um, justice. Here’s a compilation video of gameplay. Mainly people being reduced to a fine layer of street jam.

Prototype 2: 8 vital survival tips: our guide to staying alive

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at 01:00pm April 24 2012
Prototype 2 preview hands on gameplay

Get ahead with these 8 vital Prototype 2 tips: the only guide you’ll need to get the drop on the mutant super sandboxer. Essential weapons! Enemy strategies! Upgrade tips! Dominate the hell that is New York Zero.

Prototype 2 PS3 review

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at 03:33pm April 23 2012
Prototype PS3 preview hands on gameplay

Here’s our Prototype 2 PS3 review. Does Radical’s free roaming mutant sequel improve on the original, or bubble away into genetically modified puddle?

Prototype 2 PS3 review scores 9/10 in Official PlayStation Magazine UK

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at 04:57pm April 19 2012
Prototype PS3 preview hands on gameplay

So, good then. The online embargo for the full Prototype 2 review isn’t until 4pm on the 24th so you’ll have to wait for the full details. In the meantime I can share a few choice cuts of what our reviewer had to say.

How Prototype 2 is absorbing Batman and Dark Souls to make a better sequel

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at 11:38am March 29 2012
Prototype PS3 preview hands on gameplay

You’re reading this for one of two reasons. The first is you loved Radical Entertainment’s Prototype, and want to absorb every fresh piece of information about the sequel. More likely you’re sceptical – understandable, since the franchise has grown mossy in the shadow of Sucker Punch’s inFamous 2. If you fall into the latter camp, let me put Prototype 2 into perspective for you: it may be a sequel, but…

Prototype 2 preview: can it beat inFamous 2?

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at 10:33am January 4 2012
Prototype 2 preview hands on gameplay

The original Prototype was a victim of its own hype – and the electric hands of a man named Cole MacGrath. Prototype scored a commendable 8/10 in these pages back in June 2009′s review but it ended up lost in the mix after Cole’s similarly killy free-roaming adventure, inFamous (which scored 9 in our review), arrived in the shops a month before it. In retrospect, the two titles were night and day,…

Prototype 2 developer interview: building a better sequel

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at 11:16am December 22 2011
Prototype 2 developer interview

In issue 65 we went to see the tentacle heavy sequel’s gameplay in action and speak to the developers behind it. Read the interview now and see what Radical studio head Ken Rosman and Activision’s MacLean Marshall have to say about the game ahead of it’s April release date. It’s a candid look at the problems of the first game and how they’re going to overcome them for the next instalment. 

Prototype 2: Why the hero isn’t just a “generic Caucasian guy”

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at 11:17am December 6 2011

Blank-faced, shaven-headed Caucasian protagonists are everywhere in games these days, so it’s truly refreshing to see Prototype II fronted by Heller, a hero of African-American origin. Even so Radical studio head Ken Rosman told us that this ethnicity was something no other journalist “wants to touch” during an interview in the current issue of Official PlayStation Magazine.

Prototype review

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at 05:40pm July 3 2011

You are going to kill a lot of people. You won’t mean to, it’ll just happen naturally along the way. Amnesiac mutant Alex Mercer’s range of shape-shifting superpowers are mostly based on mimicking knives, and create the effect you might get if you strung piano wire across the road during the London Marathon. He’s able to morph between a range of razor tentacles, blade arms, hammer fists and more, turning a…

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