F1 2013 – classic cars and tracks from the 80s and 90s return for a virtual victory lap

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at 02:00pm July 15 2013

Codemasters has unveiled F1 2013, to no-one’s surprise. But among the usual list of tweaks, minor additions and improvements comes an all-new mode that brings legendary drivers in their iconic cars back into the game, along with a handful of retired but treasured tracks. For an annual release series, it’s a surprisingly substantial addition.

Dirt Showdown PS3 video review

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at 02:05pm May 28 2012

Here’s Leon and I waxing lyrical about the many insurance-voiding collisions and high-octane motorsport offered up in Codemasters Racing’s latest ‘destruction-derby-meets-Ken-Block-YouTube-clip’ racer in this Dirt Showdown PS3 video review.

Dirt Showdown PS3 preview: it’s deathmatch for cars

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at 02:20pm April 23 2012
Dirt Showdown PS3

Codemaster’s new racer is due out pretty soon now – it’s penned in for a 25 May release date. A good time to get hands-on with the larger-than-life racer and sample the simple and addictive pleasure of ‘carnage mode’…

F1 2011 PS Vita – our hands on impressions

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at 04:22pm December 20 2011
F1 2011 PS Vita

As the range of titles for Sony’s imminent new handheld grows by the second, we recently got some hands-on time with the PS Vita port of Codemaster’s F1 2011. Does it storm onto the scene and cruise past the competition like – sigh – Sebastian Vettel,  or lose a front wing and veer off track like naughty Lewis Hamilton? Let’s find out.

StarDone Extreme trailer shows PS Vita gameplay

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at 11:37am December 16 2011
PS Vita StarDrone Extreme

Here’s a feast for the eyes if you like bright colours and perplexing racing- or youre’ just interested in what launch games will actually look like on PS Vita. It’s a new trailer for StarDrone Extreme, an eccentric new racer from Beatshapers that has you whizzing round at lightpeed across some rather vivid courses.

Golden Joystick Awards 2011: Gran Turismo 5 grabs best racing award

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at 03:28pm October 21 2011
Gran Turismo 5 Golden Joysticks 2011

Sony’s smorgasbord of cars pips the competition to the post to claim the best racing title award. Left eating its rubber were Codemasters’ DiRT 3 in second, and EA’s Need For Speed Hot Pursuit in third.

Another Need For Speed The Run gameplay video

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at 02:36pm October 20 2011
Need For Speed The Run Gameplay Video

Here’s one more slice of Need For Speed The Run pie. This time the action takes place at ‘desert hills’, a locale that bears an uncanny resemblance to Need For Speed Hot Pursuit’s sandy stateside topography.

Need For Speed The Run demo hits PSN, new gameplay video lands

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at 11:39am October 20 2011
Need For Speed The Run Demo Gameplay Video

A new video for EA’s upcoming Need For Speed The Run shows some maniac racing a Lamborghini along snow-covered mounatin roads while dodging avalanches and deploying NOS like there’s no tomorrow. Looks a bit dangerous to try in real life, so thank heavens the new PSN demo of Need For Speed The Run lets you do it in the safety and comfort of your living room.

Shift 2 Unleashed review

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at 04:38pm September 14 2011

Here’s the thing racing drivers won’t tell you: just how afraid they get behind the wheel. If you could hear their collective heartbeats as they sit on the grid waiting for the race to start, you’d think you’d accidentally gatecrashed a drum and bass revival festival. Releasing that intensity onto players is the Holy Grail of driving game developers around the globe and EA’s Shift 2 Unleashed is the latest…

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit online review

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at 03:04pm September 14 2011
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit online

You’d think with eight players almost breaking the sound barrier as they streak through the gorgeously rendered highways of Seacrest County, Hot Pursuit’s servers would feel the strain. There’d be a bit of lag. A connection failure or two. Yet in more than 20 hours of blistering multiplayer, none of that happened.

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