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Quantum Conundrum PS3 review – Falling off the shoulders of giants

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at 04:14pm July 11 2012
Quantum Conundrum PS3

It’s been discussed to death during the game’s development – “It’s from the girl who made Portal, you know”, “It’s a first-person puzzler – a bit like Portal”, “Doesn’t the Q in the title look a bit like a portal?” – so let’s just deal with it up front. No, this is not ‘the new Portal’, and no, sadly it isn’t up to the standard of either of Valve’s first-person masterpieces. It is, however, a lovingly created brainteaser with more than a few structural similarities, even if overall it lacks the narrative hook and top-of-the-class humour of its forerunners.

Quantum Conundrum PS3 hands on preview: fluffy, heavy, fluffy, heavy, SLOW!

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at 01:00pm June 19 2012
Quantum Conundrum PS3

Having played through around a quarter of this physics puzzler from Portal creator Kim Swift, we can confirm that anyone who enjoyed learning how to think with portals will feel right at home here, although this time you’re thinking in dimensions.

Kim Swift: no regrets leaving Portal behind

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at 11:44am June 6 2012

We talk to Portal creator Kim Swift about her decision to leave the series behind, and what to expect from her new project Quantum Conundrum.

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