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Here’s all the Beyond: Two Souls endings, and how to get them

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at 03:28pm October 21 2013
Beyond E3 screens

Quantic Dream’s latest contribution to interactive drama is bold, divisive and… you don’t care about that any more though, do you? You just want the trophy for seeing all the endings. Very well, here they all are. Herded up like good little narrative conclusions, waiting for you to pick holes in them. And, I mean, spoilers, obviously.

PS4′s The Dark Sorcerer created using Beyond’s engine. “The minimum quality you can get on the console”, says Cage

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at 11:24am October 15 2013
The dark sorcerer PS4 demo

Here’s an interesting bit of news about Quantic Dream’s PS4 Dark Sorcerer demo. According to David Cage it was created using the Beyond: Two Souls engine and represents “minimum quality” you can get on the machine.

Beyond: Two Souls review – an essential purchase for interactive-drama fans

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at 04:00pm October 8 2013
Beyond David Cage PS3

You’ll probably think I’m crazy when I tell you I’ve been looking forward to Beyond: Two Souls more than any other game this year. Especially as we’re just a few weeks downstream of the generation-defining GTA 5’s arrival. But here’s the thing: we all knew Rockstar’s game was going to be astounding. It’d be Grand Theft Auto, but better. Beyond, however, is a ticket to the side of the medium where there are no footprints in the snow.

Beyond Two Souls special edition features an extra 30 minute scene – new trailer

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at 02:32pm September 30 2013
Beyond two souls

The additional DLC content’s called Advanced Experiment and focuses on a series of training missions undertaken by Jodie and Aiden. Along with that the Beyond: Two Souls Special Edition also features a soundtrack, making of videos, dynamic themes and avatars.

Beyond Two Souls demo video shows off gameplay early

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at 10:52am September 25 2013
Beyond two souls demo

A video showing next week’s Beyond: Two Souls demo has popped up showing the thing in full. There are two missions: The Experiment and Hunted. The former showing young Jodie being all supernatural, the latter is the police killing demo Quantic Dream first revealed way back when.

Beyond: Two Souls hands-on PS3 preview – a mix of Heavy Rain’s highs & every other game’s lows

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at 03:22pm September 11 2013
BEYOND two souls screen

I make no secret of the fact that Heavy Rain is my favourite game on PS3. And, as you’d imagine, that leads to fairly frequent confrontations with Cage-baiting naysayers who refuse to believe anyone could enjoy a twelve-hour button prompt sequence more than Red Dead Redemption.

David Cage on doing what “no one expects”, creativity & PS4 being “way easier” to develop for

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at 03:31pm September 9 2013
David Cage & Ellen Page

He divides opinion like few other creators, but it’s hard to deny that the man makes some of the most interesting games around. We sat down to chat with David Cage about the future and Beyond…

Two new Beyond: Two Souls videos show demo gameplay & behind the scenes

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at 12:09pm September 6 2013

Two new Beyond Two Souls videos have appeared online following yesterday’s announcement of a Beyond Two Souls demo coming to the Store on October 2nd. The first is a playthrough of Hunted, one of the demo levels on offer, while the other looks behind the scenes at making a realistic videogame Ellen Page and Willam Defoe.

Beyond: Two Souls demo coming Wednesday 2nd of October, new mo-cap dev diary

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at 04:09pm September 5 2013

Beyond: Two Souls will be getting a demo, arriving on the Store Wednesday 2nd of October. It offers two levels from a ‘young Jodie’ stage of the game and a later section as Jodie escapes from the government. There’s also another dev diary delving deeper into the mo-cap behind the game.

Beyond: Two Souls: Ellen Page & Willem Dafoe talk acting

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at 03:26pm August 30 2013

Here’s a new Beyond: Two Souls trailer with Ellen Page & Willem Dafoe dicussing the roles they play and other elements of the game’s plot. There’s also some new bits of gameplay including a some sort of sinking ship which you can add to the war bit in the ‘what now?’ section of the game’s story.

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