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at 12:24pm November 14 2011

Ever seen one of those nature documentaries that’s essentially a series of rodents being torn to meaty pieces by predators? Swarm is the videogame equivalent, played like a race against your own mortality.

Burnout Crash

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at 02:58pm October 24 2011
Burnout Crash PSN review

The Burnout series has a lot of goodwill behind it, all of it merited. Paradise was brilliant, and made even more so thanks to the oodles of free DLC given away by Criterion. And although this digital effort is no replacement for a fully fledged title, its smash-happy take on the Highway Code does the franchise no harm.

Echochrome II review

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at 01:05am September 15 2011
Echochrome II

Prepare to feel stupid. Prepare to craft your own dunce hat out of back issues of OPM. Prepare to scream at the screen so loudly that the neighbours call the police. Again. But here’s the special thing about this shadowy new perspective puzzler: it’s all worth it.

Pac-man Championship Edition DX review

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at 04:54pm September 14 2011
Pac-man Championship Edition DX

Anyone looking to sprinkle magic rebirth dust over an old franchise needs to take a look at Pac-man: Championship Edition DX. Like King Arthur returning in Britain’s hour of need, Pac-man instantly reminds you why it was so huge in the first place.

Explodemon review

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at 04:03pm September 14 2011

Explodemon is exactly what a PSN game should be. Bright, stylish and genuinely funny, it’s far from a blockbuster title. But by embracing its indie roots, it succeeds on its own terms.

LittleBigPlanet 2 review

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at 02:15pm September 14 2011

The first LittleBigPlanet is the most unique game on PS3, and one of my favourite games ever. But since the beta for LBP2 launched, the colossal selection of spaceships, shooters, movies and other brain-fusing creations have made me terrified of playing the finished version of the sequel. Surely it’ll be so mind-blowingly complex that it will take months to unravel and understand, let alone score?

Stacking review

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at 09:36am September 14 2011

If Stacking had been made by any developer but Double Fine, this sepia-tinged adventure would probably have been an FPS where you steal your enemies’ powers by splitting them open and wearing them like a Buffalo Bill skin-suit. Thank Babushka, then, that Tim Schafer’s team have instead gifted us with something utterly individual and cat-in-clown-shoes crackers.

Tumble – PSN review

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at 11:42am September 12 2011

To brains trained by the wafting action of Wii, Tumble’s motion control is like the harsh reflection of the mirror first thing in the morning: it sometimes feels a bit too accurate. But of the early wave of Move titles, none showcase the technology quite as well, and once you’ve adjusted to the precision you’ll be balancing your blocks like a professional. If there actually were professional block balancers.

Limbo review

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at 05:02pm September 6 2011

  A boy wakes in a forest, alone. You’ve no idea where he is, you’ve no idea why he’s there, you’ve no idea where he’s going. You just know that you have to get him there safely, by any means possible. And such is the understated brilliance of Limbo – and in particular its phenomenal art design – that from the very first moment this task feels hugely important.

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