PSN down Monday 27th 5.30-11.30pm for scheduled maintenance

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at 10:32am January 23 2014

The PlayStation Network will be offline for scheduled maintenance on Monday 27 January between 5.30pm and 11.30pm. It looks like a full shut down with the Store, account management and online gameplay all unaccessible during that time.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 demo on PSN tomorrow, unlocks content in the full game

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at 02:40pm January 21 2014
lightning returns demo

A demo for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 arrives on the Store tomorrow giving you a chance to try the new battle system and unlock FF6′s Siegfried Garb in the full game for beating the final boss.

PS4′s PSN game prices will be “adjusted in preparation for launch” say Sony

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at 11:39am November 27 2013
PS4 games cost

There were more than a few spit takes when people got their first look at PS4′s UK download game prices. Sony has now announced that these aren’t final and costs will change before launch.

Can’t sign in to PSN? Passwords reset by automated security check

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at 10:01am November 21 2013

A number of PSN users have found they can’t sign in with messages telling them passwords, emails and birth dates are incorrect. According to Sony it’s apart of an automated security check that might have got a bit carried away.

PS4 won’t let you upgrade sub-accounts to master accounts or rename your PSN ID

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at 09:58am October 31 2013

Sony have released a huge PS4 FAQ covering just about everything you could want to know. Something a lot of you have ask about is upgrading your sub-account and changing your PSN ID. The answer in both cases is unfortunatey no.A huge PS4 FAQ has revealed you won’t be able to upgrade your sub-account to a master account or change your PSN ID.

Assassin’s Creed sale on PSN – AC 1, 2, Brotherhood, Revelations, 3, DLC & Vita all cheap

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at 04:20pm August 30 2013
Assassin's creed dangle

There’s a big Assassin’s Creed sale on the PSN as part of the ongoing Summer Festival. Almost all the Assassin’s Creedeses are reduced in some way inducing DLC and bundles. Might be worth a look if there’s a one you’ve missed out.

PSN Sumer sale continues – PS3 and Vita games going cheap(er)

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at 02:22pm July 31 2013

The EU Blog’s posted this week’s Summer Sale deals on the PSN. It’s not the strongest set of offers to be honest with a bit of a jumble sale selection getting between 20-30% off. Still, have a browse and see what takes your fancy.

PlayStation Summer Festival sale on PSN

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at 12:29pm July 17 2013
Tomb Raider

Sony have announced a PSN Summer Festival offering a range of deals between 17th July and 28th August. The offers cover games, movies and music although it seems to be cheating a bit by retroactively absorbing a couple of previously announced offers.

Hotline Miami PS3 tips: Nine nuggets of nefarious nous that’ll make you a better killer

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at 10:13am June 28 2013
Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami is hard. You’ll die, and before you have chance to explain why you died to anyone watching, you’ll die again. Constant deaths are simply part of the game, but if every push of the retry button is like gone off milk poured down your collar, here are nine tips that’ll save you a few rage-quits.

The Unfinished Swan video review

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at 12:07pm October 17 2012
The Unfinished Swan review

Here’s dep ed Joel to talk in person about his Unfinished Swan review and why the game’s beautiful, unique but not quite a classic.

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