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Platinum Club: trophy tips to plunder Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag’s gold, silver & the rest

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at 02:56pm March 12 2014
Assassin's Creed 4 comicon assets

After hooking up to the Animus once again in Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag we travel back to the Golden Age Of Piracy and sail forth in search of trophy tips, all the while polluting the natural serenity of the ocean by belting out our fave sea shanties.

inFamous Second Son trophy list – Sucker Punch’s hero quest awards revealed

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at 12:09pm March 10 2014
inFamous Second Son screens

The trophies are out for inFamous Second Son. There are 40 in all split between 34 bronze, 11 silver, 2 gold and the platinum. There’s nothing spoilery in there either, just a list of things to do and a few cryptic achievement descriptions.

Outlast trophies revealed – Feb’s free PS4 Plus game will net you 4 Bronze, 2 Silver & 2 Gold

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at 11:27am January 28 2014

Trophies for Outlast have appeared online. The horror game is free on PS Plus this February for PS4 and the seven trophies up for grabs can be won in a single playthrough if you want to risk insane difficulty on the first go.

New PS4 trophy details: PlayStation pots are now classified by rarity

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at 12:57pm November 12 2013
PS4 trophy

Fresh info has emerged that explains how trophies work on PS4 – you’ll still be bagging bronzes, silvers, golds and platinums as before, but this time there’s a twist. The PSN assigns a rarity value to each trophy, depending on how many other users out there in the world have also achieved it.

Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 trophy list revealed – 33 next gun cups to collect

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at 12:18pm November 8 2013
Killzone Shadow Fall PS4 screens

Killzone Shadow Fall’s trophies have appeared online giving us the first look at a real PS4 Trophy list (the shooter game trophies don’t count). There are 33 in total: 17 bronze, 9 silver 6 gold and the Platinum. There aren’t any spoilers either other than level names so fill your boots.

Crucial PS4 questions anwered: trophies still ping, only now on other side of screen

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at 05:44pm October 9 2013
PS4 trophy

It’s a huge weight of my mind I know that much. A new video shows what happens when you earn a PS4 trophy. It’s basically the same noise and overall effect only this time on the left and with a cleaner graphic.

PS4′s first trophy list emerges… for Tutorial Shooting Game (actual title)

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at 12:46pm October 3 2013

Brace yourselves for an odd one – achievement tracking site Exophase has released what looks like PlayStation 4′s first ever trophy list. On paper that’s exciting enough – but the game bears the beguiling title ‘Tutorial Shooting Game,’ and the trophies bear equally charismatic names like ‘Gold Trophy’ and – yep – ‘Silver Trophy.’

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