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New Evolve PS4 screenshots show unfriendly wildlife, jetpacks & class loadouts

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at 10:30am April 14 2014
Evolve 1

A new batch of Evolve PS4 screens have emerged from the waters of PAX East on their hind legs to show you what Turtle Rock’s new shooter is all about. The Left 4 Dead studio is morphing its 4-way co-op into an asymmetric 4v1 man versus monster experience, and these are the lush locales and unsettling wildlife you’ll meet while on the hunt.

New inFamous: Second Son screens showcase Delsin’s powers and future-Seattle.

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at 09:43am November 12 2013

Delsin’s up to his old tricks in this fresh batch of inFamous: Second Son PS4 screens from Sucker Punch. Old tricks in this case being an impressive array of melee and projectile super powers that just happen to be a great way of showing off the lighting effects and all-round loveliness of PS4. It’s almost like… some kind of conspiracy. Like they’re watching us on CCTV all the time, and tapping our phones, and… alright, let’s just look at the pretty pictures.

Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture screens show a prettier, geographically varied Dear Esther follow-up

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at 11:38am August 21 2013
Everybody's Gone To The Rapture PS4

Usually when you see screens like this, all naked and bereft of any health bars or quest markers, it’s because the publisher’s released some ‘target renders’ (aka bullshots). In the case of TheChineseRoom’s PS4 adventure Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture, you can trust these are legit.

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