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PlayStation app now on iOS in UK

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at 03:57pm November 26 2013
ps4 app

After a delay that saw it miss last week’s release date the PlayStation App is now on iOS and available in iTunes – in time for launch as promised. This follows after most Android users were simply able to update the old app aaages ago.

PS4 app release “in plenty of time” for UK launch. New trailer & features

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at 10:13am November 25 2013
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Some of the more observant might have noticed that the PS4 app missed its November 22nd release date. Apparently it’s undergoing, “final tweaks” with talk of “new features”. Although ‘single login’ seems to be the only fresh thing mentioned this trailer.

Sony teasing PocketStation announcement for November 5th to “shake the gaming industry”

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at 11:50am November 1 2013

Sony are teasing, “an important announcement about PocketStation”, for November 5th, promising it will be, “something that will shake the gaming industry”. The betting money’s currently on some kind of additional app for PS4 along side the PlayStation app itself.

PS4 o’clock – PS Plus, primary systems & game sharing on PlayStation 4

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at 04:00pm October 31 2013
ps4 oclock primary systs

This week on PS4 o’clock I look at the recent breakdown of how PS Plus will function on PlayStation 4. Specifically, how game sharing works digitally and what you get when you designate one PS4 as your ‘primary system’. There’s also some new info on the PlayStation app and the functionality that’ll add to you phone or tablet.

PlayStation App releasing Nov 22: PS4 remote, second screen & social features explained

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at 11:10am October 28 2013
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More PS4 info, this time on the PlayStation app. It’ll be releasing free in Europe on November 22nd for iOS and Android. As well as the social stuff (friends list, trophies etc), it’ll turn your device into a second screen, a keyboard and a remote control to start your PS4. There’s a PS Vita version of the PS 4 app due in the next firmware update.

PlayStation app coming to PS Vita as “PS4 link” with “next update”

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at 10:45am October 7 2013
PS4 user interface dynamic menu messages

The PS4 PlayStation App that’ll let you trigger remote downloads and message friends from your phone or tablet will be added to the PS Vita with the next firmware update according to yet another Twitter update from Shuhei Yoshida.

PS4′s PlayStation App is free and triggers remote downloads, explains Yoshida

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at 10:51am October 4 2013

You can use the PlayStation App to schedule downloads to your PS4 remotely, connect to your profile and send voice or text messages to your friends, Sony Worldwide Studios boos Shuhei Yoshida told the EU Blog.

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