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The ultimate PS4 guide – everything there is to know & every question answered

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at 12:03pm September 9 2013
PS4 guide

The next PlayStation is just over a month away. Take a deep breath. And prepare yourself for launch with our new, improved essential guide to PS4: from where and what to buy to the future of gaming in your living room. Every question answered.

PS4 launch line-up announced: 33 games out before the end of 2013

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at 11:41am August 21 2013

Start saving those pennies, people. Sony has just revealed the PS4′s launch line-up of games. There will be over 30 titles out within the first month of PS4′s release date on 29 November, including several new titles that were announced at Sony’s Gamescom press conference.

The 10 things you need to know about PS4

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at 12:30pm February 21 2013

As expected, Sony’s PS4 reveal last night dropped all manner of exciting info surrounding its new machine. But what if you only want the must-know stuff? That’s where we come in, with this in-a-nutshell guide to PlayStation 4.

Concept art for Sony Liverpool’s canned PS4 spy game appears

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at 02:59pm February 1 2013
Sony Liverpools PS4 spy game

There’s a very Ian Gibson/2000AD feel to this concept art which is purportedly for one of the now defunct Sony Liverpool’s PS4 launch games.

10 PS4 launch games we’d love to see. These are our hopes & dreams Sony, be gentle with them

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at 12:17pm November 1 2012

A new console is nothing without the support of a sturdy launch line up. Here’s an entirely speculative list of games we’d really love to see ushering a new generation of PlayStation.

EA working on “3 to 5 new IPs” for PlayStation 4, calls machine “spectacular”

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at 12:25pm September 4 2012
PS4 PlayStation 4

President of EA labels, Frank Gibeau has been talking about PS4 again saying that EA are working on, “3 to 5 new IPs for next gen consoles”. He also mentions the hardware adding, “I’ve seen the machines that we’re building games for, and they’re spectacular”.

Sony Liverpool was developing PlayStation 4 launch games

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at 03:43pm August 22 2012
Wipeout 2048 PS Vita

Following on from the closure of Sony Liverpool this morning it’s emerged that the studio were reportedly working on two PlayStation 4 launch titles.

Is Battlefield 4 coming to PS4? (And 7 other questions EA needs to answer)

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at 10:33am July 19 2012
Battlefield 4 PS4

Will Battlefield 4 make its debut on PS4? We look at the evidence for that, and question several other things DICE’s next tango-whacking extravaganza needs to address.

Media Molecule working on “next AAA title” involving “different platforms”

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at 09:30pm June 26 2012

Media Molecule are hiring for a new “AAA project”. The details describe the position as being for “a small, multi-discipline team very early in the process”.

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