PS4 dynamic menu

See the PS4 menu in action – all new features & options explained

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at 01:09pm November 15 2013
PS4 dynamic menu

Here’s a new video showing off the PS4 menu in the wild. It’s very swish, full of dynamic tiles, content and a ‘boop’ noise that might drive me mad as it sounds every time you hit the back button. This details live broadcasts, the new Store (which features a PS3 to PS4 option) and loads more.

New PS4 menu screens show social features, video editing & broadcast options

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at 10:37am September 25 2013
PS4 user interface dynamic menu video editing

Some fresh PS4 menu screens have been released showing off some new PlayStation 4 features. Video editing options, live stream, messages and the ‘what’s new’ screens are all shown for the first time. It’s all very exciting. And blue.

PS4 dynamic menu featured live video feeds of friends games & game-specific messaging

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at 06:37pm August 20 2013
Sony PS4 dynamic menu Gamescom

Sony opened up Gamescom with (possibly not actually) Shu in a chair flicking though PS4′s Dynamic Menu, showing off the tiled system to organise gaming and video content, and what looks like a live feed of a gamer’s face automatically added to a Killzone Shadow Fall gameplay video. PS4 dynamic menu featured live video feeds of friends games & game-specific messaging Flicking through the Dynamic Menu revealed things like ‘related…

PS4 debug main menu leaked in Blacklight video – five initial options, still goes ‘bwoop’

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at 03:09pm August 7 2013
PS4 debug menu

A recent Blacklight Retribution PS4 livesteam revealed a brief behind the scenes look at a PS4 debug menu after the pre-alpha gameplay crashed.

New PS4 hardware & menu shots revealed as FCC filing suggest an early release date

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at 12:09pm July 24 2013
PS4 console & menu

Sony has released new shots of both PS4 and it’s new menu. At the same time the console has passed through FCC filing, the US overning body for all transmitting devices. That’s something that’s happened far sooner than it did for PS3, suggesting we could be seeing a release date much earlier in the year.

PS4 interface screens show game & video streaming, mobile device & social interactions

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at 10:35am February 28 2013
PS4 interface menu streaming social

Sony has released several images showing the new PS4 menu and interface. The options show the social focus of the new front end as well as the video editing, streaming and how it will look on mobile and tablet devices.

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