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Hands on with The Crew’s PS4 companion app – get you motor running

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at 10:55am December 16 2013
The crew companion app PS4

While it’s true that you should never text and drive, you’re definitely going to want to keep your smartphone or tablet close to hand when open-world racer The Crew launches early next year. Here’s how its car customising PS4 companion app works.

Playing Watch Dogs’ companion app – sabotaging your friends on PS4

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at 12:54pm December 13 2013
Watch Dogs second screen

The good thing about the proliferation of companion apps for mobiles, iPads and the like is that they lend themselves to a whole bunch of truly hilarious puns. Think ‘what’s app-ening’, ‘app-y go lucky’, and – my personal favourite – ‘app where we belong’. So now I’ve ruined the use of those for everybody else, let’s discuss Watch Dogs’ second-screen experience.

Are PS4 companion apps a fad or the future? The debate

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at 12:15pm December 10 2013
The Division second screen

With more PS4 games using companion apps and second screen stuff to expand on their worlds or add new features, the Official PlayStation Magazine team debate whether this new way of playing represents the future of PlayStation 4 gaming or just a passing phase.

PS4′s PlayStation App is free and triggers remote downloads, explains Yoshida

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at 10:51am October 4 2013

You can use the PlayStation App to schedule downloads to your PS4 remotely, connect to your profile and send voice or text messages to your friends, Sony Worldwide Studios boos Shuhei Yoshida told the EU Blog.

8 PS4 second screen apps explained – the future of PlayStation 4 cross-platform gaming

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at 11:42am September 10 2013

The PS4 is betting hard on second screens – addition iPad and android apps that let you manage and even play your game away from the PlayStation 4. Here are a few great examples of how they’re being used.

See The Division’s second screen gaming in action – how PS4 & tablets will play together

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at 12:25pm August 20 2013
The Division second screen

We’ve talked before about how second screen gaming is going to be big on PS4, now you can actually see it in action in Ubisoft’s The Division. Here a player controls a drone on a tablet to support PS4 teammates in a variety of interesting ways.

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