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Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeroes PS4 bundle confirmed, currently Japan only

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at 10:10am February 17 2014
metal gear solid 5 groudn zeroes ps4 bundle

Barely hours after Kojima teased it, the MSG 5 Ground Zeroes PS4 bundle is live on Sony’s Japanese Store. Kojima’s also tweeted about the “PS4×MGSV FOX EDITION” confirming it’s “JPN ONLY”. For now.

Hideo Kojima teasing Metal Gear Solid 5 PS4 bundle

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at 02:38pm February 14 2014
mgs ps4

Hideo Kojima’s been talking about previous MGS branded consoles and tweeted a few messages hinting that a Metal Gear Solid 5 PS4 bundle could be in the works.

You can now buy a PS4 & PS Vita bundle for less than £500. Soft bundles due from retailers

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at 04:15pm November 28 2013
ps ps vita bundle

Sony has announced the PS4 & PS Vita bundles that weren’t going to happen, then might, now do totally exist. They’re only available at a few locations with the combos expected to cost no more than £499.

PS4 & PS Vita ‘Ultimate Bundle’ due Christmas – confirmed by promo material

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at 12:07pm November 22 2013
ps ps vita bundle

Reports say Sony are planning a PS4 and PS Vita bundle for Christmas. The rumour’s supported by a large advertising campaign planned for the PS Vita that pushes PlayStation 4 connectivity and Remote Play.

Italian retailer lists inFamous: Second Son PS4 bundle, on sale February 7th

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at 11:10am November 14 2013

A PS4 bundle containing inFamous: Second Son has popped up on Italian retailer’s store page, with a release ETA of February 7th. If that’s accurate, it’s the first time Sucker Punch Production’s superpowered next-gen game has been pinned down to a firm release date.

GAME’s PS4 console bundles leaked

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at 02:04pm November 11 2013
PS4 console & menu

UK retailer GAME’s PS4 console bundles have been outed, and now their various collections of games, Blu-Rays and accessories are out there in the wild for all to see.

Amazon offer customers pre-order PS4 bundles alternatives after Watch Dogs’ delay

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at 11:52am October 17 2013
watch dogs ps4 bundle

Amazon has contacted customers who pre-ordered the PS4 Watch Dogs bundle offering a range of new options in light of the game’s release date delay to Spring 2014. The choices seem to be a significant upgrade, including multiple games and extra pads with mention that, “your pre-order is eligible for Pre-order Price Guarantee”.

SimplyGames PS4 ransom: what’s really going on with people’s PlayStation 4 bundles?

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at 01:01pm October 8 2013
ps4 in  a box

The big news today seems to be online retailer SimplyGames apparent attempts to force its customers to upgrade their previously vanilla PS4 pre-orders to more expensive bundles. In some cases with a hike in price of as much as £120. The threat if you don’t want to stump up the cash? Lose your pre-order. So what’s going on?

PS4 & Vita bundle: “The concept is becoming more real by the week” say Sony

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at 11:23am October 1 2013
Vita remote play

A little while back Sony stated it had “no firm plans” to bundle PS4 and PS Vita in the same box. A few week’s on and it looks like things might change thanks to, “consumer reaction and an upsurge in Vita sales,” following Gamescom.

PS4 bundles confirmed for UK in £399 & £449 options – Killzone, Watch Dogs, extra pads & camera on offer

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at 05:55pm September 27 2013
killzone bundle

Sony has confirmed the previously leaked PS4 Killzone Shadow Fall bundle for Europe. It’ll be available in two flavours: a console and a copy of the game for €439, and a console, game, camera & extra controller for €499. That’s around £370 & £420 respectively.

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