Battlefied 4 open beta goes live, Conquest and Domination modes playable on Siege Of Shanghai map

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at 12:16pm October 4 2013
Battlefield 4 - Fishing in Baku screen 3

Battlefield 4 cordially invites you to go and play one of its multiplayer maps in two modes right now. The open beta’s available for download on the PSN store, so once that 1.6 GB download finishes you’re in.

Games are too long – give me a great one that lasts the length of a film over a good 20-hour adventure

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at 10:12am October 4 2013

Oh, hey there. I didn’t see you come in. Why don’t you sit down by the hearth so that we can have a little chat. A snifter of brandy, dear chap/chapette? Here you go. So, anyway, games last too lon… oh, you’ve spat your spirit in my face out of sheer shock and indignation. Cheers for that.

Ratchet and Clank: Nexus gets November release date

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at 04:44pm October 3 2013
Ratchet and Clank: Nexus Ps3

Insomniac’s pinned a firm November release date on the budget-priced epilogue to the R&C series, Ratchet and Clank: Nexus.

GTA 5 time lapse video is hypnotic, beautiful

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at 04:05pm October 3 2013
GTA 5 ps3 review grand theft auto

Sometimes you get so caught up in Trevor, Michael and Franklin’s daily chores (amusement rides, tow truck gigs, serious felonies) that you begin to take for granted how varied and atmospheric Los Santos is. This time lapse video is a great way to remind you how utterly distinct each time and place feels. It’s oddly soothing.

Beyond: Two Souls hands-on PS3 preview – a mix of Heavy Rain’s highs & every other game’s lows

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at 03:22pm September 11 2013
BEYOND two souls screen

I make no secret of the fact that Heavy Rain is my favourite game on PS3. And, as you’d imagine, that leads to fairly frequent confrontations with Cage-baiting naysayers who refuse to believe anyone could enjoy a twelve-hour button prompt sequence more than Red Dead Redemption.

PS3 price drop – old reliable gets cheaper at Gamescom

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at 08:01pm August 20 2013

Sony announced today at its Gamescom press conference that the 12GB PS3 will now cost $199 in North America and €199 in Europe.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist PS3 review – polished prowling from the old man and the CIA

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at 05:00pm August 14 2013

However you feel about the Tom Clancy depiction of global politics – which likely depends on your proximity to the Bible belt and whether you thought Team America was an insightful documentary – there’s a profound and redeeming truth in Blacklist, and it’s that being Sam Fisher is really, really enjoyable. You may not want to vote as he does, but his considerable toolset and agile body make for a meaty stealth experience even bleeding heart liberals can’t resist.

New GTA 5 screens look like a millionaire crim’s Instagram

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at 03:09pm August 14 2013
NEW GTA 5 screens

Here’s another fresh batch of GTA 5 screens to ogle over after the GTA 5 screens revealed yesterday as part of the update to the Grand Theft Auto 4 website which now offers a guide to both Los Santos & Blaine County.

F1 2013 – classic cars and tracks from the 80s and 90s return for a virtual victory lap

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at 02:00pm July 15 2013

Codemasters has unveiled F1 2013, to no-one’s surprise. But among the usual list of tweaks, minor additions and improvements comes an all-new mode that brings legendary drivers in their iconic cars back into the game, along with a handful of retired but treasured tracks. For an annual release series, it’s a surprisingly substantial addition.

PlayStation’s greatest tennis games remembered

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at 12:20pm July 8 2013

Thousands of Brits will be inspired to pick up a racquet this week on the back of Andy Murray’s success at Wimbledon – but in this heat, and given our hand-eye un-coordination, we’ll be sticking to the virtual type. Looking to fill your week with some ace-smashing antics? Then join us in revisiting PlayStation’s finest tennis efforts…

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