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The Last Of Us video preview – hands on with 3 hours of gameplay

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at 01:59pm May 23 2013
The Last Of Us new screens

Both myself and Dave have been lucky enough to play around three hours of The Last Of Us recently. Here’s a video with some new gameplay and us talking about what we thought about it – the combat, crafting, scares and more. It really is shaping up to be something amazing.

New Gran Turismo 6 footage emerges – 3 minutes of shiny cars & tracks to ogle

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at 12:24pm May 20 2013

Three minutes of new Gran Turismo 6 footage has arrived and it is full of cars. Unlike the last GT 6 trailer which zipped through everything super fast this takes a bit more time to look at vehicles and tracks.

Watch us play Fuse – fresh gamplay from the new demo

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at 05:58pm May 8 2013
Fuse Ps3 screens

Here’s me and Joel playing though the new Fuse demo which went up on the Store today. It didn’t blow either of us away. It’s not particularly original and certainly doesn’t play like a new game coming out this year. A couple of years ago, maybe, but not this year.

New The Last Of Us video – Meet the infected

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at 12:08pm May 7 2013
The last Of Us meet the infected

The Last Of Us’ creative director Neil Druckmann and game director Bruce Straley talk more about the Infected. Here they explain more about their origins and effect on the world they’ve destroyed.

FIFA 14 gameplay explained: new shot types, run tracking, defending changes & more from producer Nick Channon

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at 03:31pm April 19 2013
FIFA 14 Tottenham goal

Here’s producer Nick Channon to explain FIFA 14′s new gameplay. New shot types and animation, run tracking and its effect on the midfield, and changes in defending are all explained in our video interview.

Injustice: Gods Among Us PS3 review & gameplay video – how does the new DC flavoured brawler score?

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at 03:14pm April 19 2013
injustice gods among us ps3 preview

Here’s a review & gameplay video where myself and Meiks talk about his Injustice: Gods Among Us review on PS3. Find out what’s good about it and see it in action. Ever wondered who’d win a fight between Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn? Here’s your chance to find out.

What happened at the end of Bioshock Infinite? Official PlayStation explain everything. SPOILERS!

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at 02:42pm April 18 2013
Bioshock infintie ending

Here’s myself, Joel and Phil to work over what happened at the end of Bioshock Infinite. Obviously this is all spoilers so don’t even click unless you’ve finished.

MASSIVE SPOILER WARNING. Here’s the Bioshock Infinite ending in full on PS3.

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at 05:29pm April 5 2013

Obviously this is a massive spoiler warning here: this is a full ending of Bioshock Infinite video on PS3. That’s all I’m saying really. The games closing moments and everything that follows. I’ll upload a full explanation later.

Metal Gear Solid 5 video analysis – what’s The Phantom Pain hiding?

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at 07:00pm March 28 2013
Metal Gear Solid 5 the phantom main MGS

Here’s resident MGS guru Dan Dawkins to help me analyse the GDC Metal Gear Solid 5 trailer and unearth the hidden meaning of The Phantom Pain.

New BioShock Infinite video shows the real women that bring Elizabeth to life

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at 04:48pm March 20 2013

Meet the real life ladies who bring Elizabeth to life in this new BioShock Infinite video. Did we mention we’d fallen cranium over elevated women’s shoes in love with Lizzie?

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