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South Park The Stick Of Truth PS3 trophy list

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at 02:13pm March 25 2014
South Park The Stick Of Truth

Need help getting all of South Park The Stick Of Truth trophies? Here a quick list lining them all up for you to tick off. Be warned, amazingly there are spoilers in here if you’re feeling precious about the plot.

Platinum Club – GTA 5 trophy guide

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at 12:22pm January 6 2014
GTA 5 ps3 review

After what feels like nine years of waiting (mainly because it really has been that long), we finally get to head back into San Andreas on a crime spree – and this time, there’s a set of GTA 5 trophies that this guide will help you get.

Platinum Club – our expert trophy collector forgets no pot in Remember Me

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at 11:00am October 22 2013
Remember Me

Bonjour, bienvenue and welcome to 2084’s Neo-Paris, where our memory has been almost completely erased and all we can recall is how to collect intangible awards. Thankfully, there’s no online mode to deal with in Remember Me, so you can crack straight on in single-player.

GTA 5 tips – our guide to the 10 hardest trophies and how to get them

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at 09:54am September 26 2013
GTAV Multi-Disciplined

Here’s a handy tips guide to snagging 10 of GTA 5′s hardest trophies. These should make it easy to grab the trickiest awards like From Beyond the Stars, Kifflom!, A Mystery, Solved and Solid Gold, Baby!

PS3 Platinum Club: The Last Of Us – trophy tips for the day after tomorrow

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at 11:44am September 24 2013

After 20 years of humanity-decimating infection, we set off on an epic journey across America to protect our precious cargo and recover any surviving silverware. With just 24 PS3 trophies, The Last Of Us is light on awards, but Naughty Dog has taken this approach so you can soak up the atmosphere without too many immersion-breaking ‘plings’.

PS3 Platinum Club – Trophy tips for Metro: Last Light

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at 11:25am September 2 2013
Metro Last Light PS3

Stocked up with military-grade ammo and strapped behind a life-saving gas mask, we head into what remains of Moscow to hunt down some post-apocalyptic trophies. And mutants, lots of mutants. None of Metro: Last Light’s accolades are overly tough, but a number of them require careful planning and execution over a minimum of two playthroughs to complete the set.

PS3 Platinum Club – Trophy hunting tips with our resident expert in Bioshock Infinite

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at 11:42am August 1 2013
bioshock infinite

After an unexplained boat trip and a lighthouse filled with questions, we launch ourselves up to the floating city of Columbia in pursuit of answers and – just as importantly – a set of shiny pots.

God of War Ascension patches out controversial Bros before Hos trophy

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at 12:44pm March 12 2013
God Of War ascension trophy

Sony Santa Monica has confirmed it will change the name of a God Of War: Ascension trophy called “Bros before Hos” after criticism of its misogynistic overtones. I’m guessing these people have never actually seen a God Of War game before or they’d have started complaining somewhere around the Gates of Athens level in the first game.

The PS3 trophies you should have got in 2012 – how dedicated a PlayStation gamer are you?

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at 10:05am December 11 2012
Dishonored Trophies

We all know there are games that will hand out trophies for merely loading them up or completing a level, with little to no effort required. However, if you take a bit more pride in your trophy collection then these are the shiny pots you should have earned this year.

The worst PS3 trophies of 2012 – the broken, the ballaches and the just plain embarrassing

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at 09:52am December 3 2012
Asura's wrath

We’re kicking off our end of year awards early with a look back at the most most high profile, worst trophies of 2012. From the pad-twisting, infuriating ones to the dumber than a monkey pointless trinkets that are a waste of disc space. If you have a personal and potent hatred of one we’ve missed then add it in the comments and let us know why. Onwards to the zone of despair…

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