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Dark Souls 2 Covenant guide – tips for finding & picking the best fit for you

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at 12:17pm March 12 2014
dark souls 2 Covenant Blue Sentinel

Mastering Dark Souls 2′s covenants are crucial to progressing in the game. These groups give you access to protection and help, as well as hugely useful items, weapons and spells. They also open up the game’s online portion with PvP and co-op options. Here’s our guide to choosing and finding the one best for you.

Bioshock Infinite: 8 tips to guide you through the city in the sky

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at 12:05pm March 29 2013
Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 14.59.25

Bioshock Infinite is here. Whilst our main tip would be not to speak to anyone until you’ve completed it, we’ve compiled a list of things to know to make your stay in Columbia as grand as possible.

Tomb Raider PS3 guide: 10 top tips for surviving the island of Yamatai

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at 10:14am March 5 2013
Tomb Raider Combat

An all-new Tomb Raider means all new things to master. Here’s our guide to the top 10 skills and tricks you’ll need to learn to keep Lara Croft alive.

Dead Space 3 weapon crafting guide – 8 of the best guns you can make

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at 11:26am February 19 2013
Dead Space 3 bench pics1

Having trouble with those pesky Necromorphs? Sort out your killing power with 8 of the best guns you can craft in the game. Whether it’s crowd control, precision face-melting or something in-between, we have a boom stick for you.

7 killer Hitman: Absolution tips

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at 04:47pm November 26 2012

47’s latest homicidal adventure is amazing. As our Hitman: Absolution PS3 review rightly points out, IO has successfully combined the ideology of the older games with more streamlined sections powered by wonderfully smooth Arkham Asylum-style sneaky mechanics. Whacking men with all the precision of a serial killer scalpel isn’t always easy, mind you. That’s why we’ve come up with 7 essential Hitman: Absolution tips for your assassinate-y approval.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown strategy guide – 9 tips to save the world like a pro

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at 09:50am October 9 2012

Venturing into XCOM’s world of strategic, turn-based alien-slaughter for the first time? Feeling intimidated by the most sterotypically beard-stroking of genres? Don’t. Our primer tips will set you off like ET exterminating boss.

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