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Army of Four apparently in development and using Frostbite 2 engine

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at 11:01am December 1 2011

Ooh, bit nippy round these parts, ain’t it? That might be because we’re about to lead into a tenuous joke about being cold because of EA’s Frostbite 2 engine (last seen powering Battlefield 3) resurfacing in a rumoured third Army of Two game. Thank you, thank you. Try the sea bass, we hear it’s horrendously overpriced.

The Darkness 2 – Meet The Brotherhood (i.e. the evil dudes you’ll spend all game eviscerating)

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at 11:32am November 18 2011

In the original it was all about disemboweling Average Joe Wise Guy. But in The Darkness II, mob boss Jackie Estacado and his evil tentacle masters are pitted against an ancient order known as The Brotherhood.

The Darkness 2 lets you ‘grab a guy and tear him apart’

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at 02:59pm November 14 2011

The final cut scene from the Darkness gave us the tantalising prospect of using both tentacles and weaponry at the same time. So near, yet so far, we watched powerless as Jackie got his hands dirty. The Darkness 2 promises that the good stuff isn’t going to be relegated to cinematics this time around. Digital Extremes Creative Director, Sheldon Carter, tells us why: “We love the first game. You’ve got…

GTA 5 – Main character revealed? All the facts

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at 01:33pm November 11 2011

Ned Luke: remember the name. Because he might well be the voice (and face) behind the narrator/main character from GTA 5’s trailer. The little known Hollywood actor may currently be as famous as Kevin Bacon’s fourth cousin twice removed, but there’s a good deal of evidence to suggest he’s GTA’s new antihero.

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