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PS4 indie Transistor gets a May release date

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at 10:35am April 11 2014

Transistor, the PS4 indie title from the studio that made Bastion, has a specific release date. Supergiant Games will release the isometric action-RPG on May 20th, and it’ll cost you £14.99 here in the UK and $19.99 in the states.

Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture & Rime releasing 2015 according to pulled Sony article

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at 04:13pm January 21 2014
Everybody's Gone To The Rapture PS4

A story on Sony’s PlayStation site suggests The Chinese Room’s Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture and Rime won’t release this year. The article’s since been pulled suggesting the details might be getting a going over.

New Don’t Starve DLC trailer – take a peak at Reign Of Giants

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at 11:34am January 17 2014

Now, even though we’ve been taking the game’s advice, we’re still a might peckish. Thankfully, Don’t Starve on PS4 is getting its first DLC shortly. And it looks like it’s going to contain man-eating pandas. Ooh err.

OlliOlli gets January 22nd release date on PS Vita – “you will slam on your face”

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at 10:19am January 10 2014
Don't let the simple art style fool you, Olli Olli is *nails*.

The mega-hard PS Vita pixel boarder Olli Olli has been locked into a January 22nd release date in Europe and has a trailer to prove it. You might remember the game from when I interviewed the devs, Roll7, hungover.

Mercenary Kings gets PS4 Winter release date – includes “300 gun parts to mix and match”

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at 11:10am November 7 2013
Mercenary Kings PS4

Mercenary Kings has confirmed a Winter release date on PS4. I already had it down for then anyway but at least there are new screens and info. The Contra style shooter has been compared to Borderlands thanks to a crazy gun crafting system built around 300 combinable parts.

New Contrast trailer explains more on Driveclub’s PS Plus replacement

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at 05:13pm October 31 2013
contrast ps3 screens

While the people who really wanted Driveclub free with PS Plus are probably going to find Contrast a tough sell there’s no denying it’s an interesting idea. This new trailer shows more of the game’s 3D/2D shadow puzzling, including the ability to move lighting sources – adding an extra layer of depth.

Contrast screens: meet PS4′s new free PS Plus game

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at 12:21pm October 18 2013
Contrast PS4 PS Plus

Here are some Contrast screens for the new free PS4 PS Plus game replacing Driveclub after its delay. There’s a real Jean Pierre Jeunet City Of Lost Children thing going on here for this 3D/2D puzzler as the main stars, Dawn and Didi, use their ability to enter the shadow plane to solve puzzles.

What’s Contrast on PS4? Meet Driveclub’s delay replacement on PS Plus – video & info

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at 12:02pm October 18 2013
contrast ps3 screens

With the news that Driveclub is being delayed that leaves a hole in Sony’s PS Plus offering on PS4. What’s replacing it? Contrast, a puzzle game based on shadows. I know. It’s about as far as you can get from a next-gen racer but if you want to know more then here you go.

8 new indie games heading to PS4 – the creative side of PlayStation 4

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at 11:29am September 3 2013
Rogue Legacy PS4

At this year’s Gamesom Sony announced a ton of new indie games heading to PS4. Here’s our pick of the best from never ending dungeons to explore to ruthlessly unforgiving multiplayer shooters. Here’s the creative side of the next generation.

Sony announce Minecraft for PS4 & 7 new indie games

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at 07:37pm August 20 2013

Sony announced 7 new indie games from the likes of Vlambeer and Edmund McMillen for PS4 and Vita. However they also annouced Minecraft which is quite the big deal.

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