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Beyond: Two Souls hands on – a confident step forward from Heavy Rain

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at 01:10pm May 20 2013

Talk about the littlest supernatural hobo. Ms Holmes can tap into the paranormal ether and communicate with the dead, sure. But that hasn’t stopped her from living like Oscar The Grouch. We don’t yet know the plot details that make Beyond: Two Souls’ leading lady court her inner homeless Sesame Street character. What we do know is David Cage’s latest interactive drama handles with a confidence far beyond anything in Heavy Rain.

New The Last Of Us trailer focuses on ‘death and choices’

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at 11:54am May 20 2013
The Last Of Us

Here’s a new The Last Of Us trailer showing new gameplay as Naughty Dog discuss the crafting system and the choices it forces you to make. Mainly whether to kill or not.

The Last Of Us new hands on – why Naughty Dog’s walk-and-talk-’em-up zombie road trip is a classic in waiting

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at 08:00am May 17 2013
The Last Of Us screen

A lot of people are going to be surprised by Naughty Dog’s zombie road movie. Not because of the shockingly pragmatic violence but rather by the amount of in-game story telling. There’s an almost ambient flow of dialogue and discovery as you move through environments. This is a game that unfurls as you play, letting you expand the story by your own movement through the world.

Watch us play Fuse – fresh gamplay from the new demo

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at 05:58pm May 8 2013
Fuse Ps3 screens

Here’s me and Joel playing though the new Fuse demo which went up on the Store today. It didn’t blow either of us away. It’s not particularly original and certainly doesn’t play like a new game coming out this year. A couple of years ago, maybe, but not this year.

Making Diablo 3 for PS3: Blizzard on changes, new boss fights, why no Move & DLC plans

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at 04:16pm May 7 2013
Diablo 3 PS3

Not too long back I got a chance to talk to Matthew Burger, the senior designer on the PS3 version of Diablo 3. We talked about adapting the PC version for PS3, including the widespread changes to the controls, interface and loads more.

New GTA 5 info – our preview reveals three characters, two missions & one incredible world

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at 05:00pm May 2 2013
GTA 5 Screenshot

The biggest compliment I can pay GTA 5 having seen it in action is that it looks to be exactly what I expected. Which is to say the funniest, deepest and most engaging open-world game of this or any console generation. In GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar delivered a pair of perpetually lifelike, unendingly playable sandbox experiences to PS3. With its newest effort, it looks set to complete the hat-trick in style.

Playing The Last Of Us – meeting the monsters, fighting the terror & how running away is a “valid tactic” says director Bruce Straley

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at 01:01pm April 24 2013
The Last Of Us Screens and art

This is not the game you think it is. Everything you’ve heard so far has been about the emotion and the characters, about how Uncharted studio Naughty Dog is focusing on cinematic storytelling and human drama. Sensibly wary of being pushed into a narrow horror genre slot, the studio has euphemistically labelled the game ‘survival action’, the downside being that this could reasonably describe any game in which things are moving and you’re trying not to be dead. However, what none of this has touched upon is that The Last Of Us is absolutely bloody terrifying.

How Assassin’s Creed 4′s seamless seas are shaking up the series canon. We look at how the new game is doing things differently

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at 11:21am April 18 2013
Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag preview screens

What was the most disappointing thing about Connor’s (not so) Revolutionary adventure? Aside from his extremely slappable face, obviously. Some would suggest it was the fact you could spend hours faffing around in trade menus on the Homestead, only to have nothing to spend the money on. Frankly, we could sit here frowny-faced, naming ways in which Assassin’s Creed 3 wasn’t as great as we wanted it to be all day – but we’re thinking of one particular reason. You couldn’t just walk on to a boat.

The Last Of Us hands on & interview – “For us it’s important to show the brutality within context”

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at 10:32am March 28 2013
The Last Of Us Screens and art

I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first time playing The Last Us. Uncharted does zombies? Drake at the end of the world? The truth is far more interesting: while there are similarities – the animation and visual flair feel instantly familiar – there’s a far more mature feel here. Tonally this is a sombre tale rather than a jaunty adventure, with a palpable weight hanging over the characters and dialogue. It’s also, hands down, the most terrifying thing I’ve played this generation.

Dishonored: The Knife Of Dunwall PS3 DLC preview – full of character, hard as nails

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at 02:50pm March 22 2013

[Update: I've been corrected: Daud's Void Gaze does actually reveal enemies once upgraded. Something that wasn't made clear in the hour I had to play.]

I remember being amazed when someone told me they played through all of Dishonored without touching Dark Vision. The X-ray magic sights seemed like such an essential tool I couldn’t imagine playing the game without it. This vision-less DLC will be right up their street, then. No magic eyes, no advance warning. Just you, corners, and the clenching worry you’re about to blunder into someone angry.

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