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Batman Arkham Origins extended trailer – Bats vs Deathstroke… FIGHT

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at 03:15pm May 20 2013
batman arkham origins ps3

Anyone want to see a five minute CG trailer of Batman Arkham Origins? This is probably for you. The new five minute video shows the young Bats going up against Deathstroke in an extended fight sequence that ends… well, let’s not spoil it.

GTA 5 – even *more* new screens – show actual grand theft auto

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at 12:09pm May 17 2013
New GTA 5 screens PS3

A few new GTA 5 screens have surfaced showing off a bit more of the game. There are police chases, yet more scuba diving and an actual grand theft auto in progress.

Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD Remaster screens scrub up well

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at 05:33pm May 9 2013
Final Fantasy X-2 HD

Here are the first shots of Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD’s current-gen remake of the two PS2 originals. They’re heading to PS3 and Vita.

Hohokum coming to PS4, PS3 & Vita from Frobisher Says! developer Honeyslug

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at 02:30pm May 9 2013

Frobisher Says! was an early Vita highlight so that alone means we’ve reserved a bit of excitement for whatever developer Honeyslug does next. That thing is Hohokum, a cartoony collaboration with Sony Santa Monica and artist Richard Hogg.

Wolfenstein The New Order PS4 screens, Winter release date

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at 02:36pm May 7 2013
wolfenstein the new order

Bethesda have announced Wolfenstein: The New Order. Sweden-based MachineGames, established by ex-members of Starbreeze Studios will be developing the game, described as “A new chapter for this celebrated franchise”.

New The Last Of Us video – Meet the infected

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at 12:08pm May 7 2013
The last Of Us meet the infected

The Last Of Us’ creative director Neil Druckmann and game director Bruce Straley talk more about the Infected. Here they explain more about their origins and effect on the world they’ve destroyed.

New GTA 5 character & concept art – say hi to Nervous Ron and few other new (ish) faces

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at 05:17pm May 2 2013
gta 5 art

Here’s some new GTA 5 concept art showing a few of the new characters. As well as Micheal, Trevor and Franklin there’s also Nervous Ron, Lamar, Jimmy and Tracy.

Original GTA 1 & 2 rated for PS3, Vita & PSP

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at 01:10pm May 1 2013
gta ps1

Two ratings have popped up on the ESRB page for the classic PS1 versions of GTA 1 and 2. The listing states the top down originals are heading to PS3, PS Vita & PSP.

Ratchet & Clank Gladiator trophies appear, suggest PS3 release on the way

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at 12:54pm May 1 2013
ratch  clank gladiator

A set of Ratchet & Clank Gladiator trophies suggest the last PS2 game in the series is finally getting a PS3 re-release after originally being announced back in 2012.

The Last Of Us is about making you think: “A single enemy can kill you, what would you really do?”

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at 02:27pm April 30 2013
The Last Of Us Screens and art

Naughty Dog lead designer Ricky Cambier has spoken about the emphasis behind The Last Of Us’ gameplay. “This [is a] world where a single enemy can kill you”, he explains, making the all important question: “What would you really have to do in this situation?”

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