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Goodnight 2012! – a look back at the year in PlayStation

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at 09:00am December 31 2012
kaz hirai

It’s been a big year for PlayStation, with two big births in its first three months: a new member of the flock in Vita, and, in Journey, a once-in-a-generation PSN offering. Then there were the games. From Dishonored to Hitman and Black Ops 2 to Borderlands 2, PlayStation 3 players across the land have rarely had it so good. So let’s raise a glass of gaming sherry to 2012. She truly was a corker.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown 2 – our sequel wishlist

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at 09:51am November 8 2012
XCOM alien campaign

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a near perfect game. A flawess balance of obsession-forming tactical depoth, accessible Saturday morning sci-fi presentation, level-grinding addiction and none-more-tearjerking emotional attachment, it’s brain-teasing, rivetting and exhilarating in equal measure. But note that I just said “near-perfect”. With sales having apparently been good (faith in humanity restored!) a sequel is (hopefully) inevitable. And that sequel can improve on XCOM. Here’s what I want in it.

6 amazing Grand Theft Auto moments GTA 5 needs to beat

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at 09:00am October 15 2012

Ahead of GTA 5′s PS3 release date next year, we look back at some of Grand Theft Auto’s craziest criminal escapades, from nicking train carriages to soaring over the Las Venturas Strip in a jetpack.

Dishonored PS3 gameplay livestream – we spend a few hours in Dunwall. Some people died

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at 02:59pm October 12 2012

Here’s a whole hell of a lot of Dishonored gameplay as Joel and Leon play through the first couple of levels. If you want to find out more about the game then jump in and watch as we debate the merits of stealth vs murder and the work ‘yoink’.

FIFA 13 tips: our guide to the best teams in career mode

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at 09:57am October 11 2012

Our FIFA 13 tips will guide you through the game’s best teams to play with in career mode, whether you’re looking for a squad of talented youngsters or the fastest side in EA’s soccer sim.

13 Games So Bad You Have To Play Them

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at 12:46pm March 22 2012
13 games so bad you need to play them

So bad they’re good? Pah! Try so insanely awful they’re damn near essential. The following 13 games all manage to walk that fine line between being bad and being bad in an amazing, must-see way. Whether it’s through ultra-swears, cringe-worthy ‘sexiness’ or the virtual slaughter of feral gazelle, these are the PS3 titles so offensive, pathetic and hopelessly rubbish they demand to be played.

David Cage on PS Vita and PS4

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at 10:25am March 22 2012
ps4 ps vita david cage

He might be pushing PS3 to its limits with GDC’s incredible Kara demo, but Quantic Dream’s David Cage also has an interest in developing (presumably really French and ultra emotional) games for Vita. Speaking to the Papa of Interactive Drama at GDC a few weeks ago, Cage revealed his admiration for Sony’s new handheld and even had something to say about PlayStation 4.

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