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10 reasons videogame scientists are idiots – Make zombies? Sure what could poss… balls

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at 10:26am September 4 2013

It’s always the simple ideas that cause the most problems. Making zombies, reanimating dead alien DNA, opening portals to hell. While we’re not here to stand in the way of scientific advancement, here are ten PlayStation science projects the world could have done without.

Secret diary of a games tester

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at 12:14pm July 5 2013

David Valjalo takes you inside the wonderfully warped world of playing games for a living…

The face behind the voice: meet the actors who play gaming’s biggest icons

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at 12:21pm July 4 2013

Familiarise yourself with the voice actor mugs behind PlayStation’s most famous characters.

10 pieces of videogame technology you didn’t know existed

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at 09:50am July 2 2013

From nanomachines to lie-detecting cameras, exoskeletons to laser guns – the future that videogames promised us is closer than you think.

They mostly game at night: The 10 rules of horror games

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at 09:46am July 1 2013

From well-meaning psychopaths to boggle-eyed insanity – here are the ten rules for surviving any PlayStation horror story.

Humble Sky – How Elder Scrolls naysayer Dave Meikleham fell for Skyrim

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at 04:08pm May 29 2013
skyrim ps3 patch

It may not be a three-part epic starring Ian McKellen, but my tale of humble pastry-eating and tundra-tinged second chances does involve Tolkien’s hairy little ‘uns. While watching Peter Jackson’s recent Middle-earth movie, which involved losing a sock in a Leicester Square cinema (don’t ask), I had a sudden urge to indulge in a eardy action-RPG. One that perhaps boasted the tagline ‘epic fantasy reborn’. There was no way around it: I had to skulk back into Skyrim. Fus Ro d’oh!

Man’s most bestest friends: 7 PlayStation pets the COD dog needs to learn from

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at 10:58am May 29 2013
COD dog

If you’ve been sniffing around online in the last few days you’ve probably come across the dog that was revealed in the first trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts. And with Activision and Infinity Ward keeping schtum on how your four-legged friend will actually act in game, we’ve decided to think fondly on other Playstation-based pets that might inspire the military mutt.

PlayStation’s most embarrassing deaths – what were you expecting?

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at 10:11am May 28 2013

Everybody dies. It’s an inescapable truth for anyone that plays games. However, there are some ways to shuffle off this digital coil that are so terminally stupid that you should lose your Gaming License for committing them – it’s our top 9 most shameful PlayStation deaths.

10 PS3 games you forgot existed – from complete misfires to great games that just didn’t catch on

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at 11:38am May 24 2013

In a six year console cycle there are always going to be PS3 games that dropped off your radar entirely. Let’s take a look down memory lane at some games that you’ve probably forgotten even existed. Prepare to go ‘Oh *yeah*!’ several times over.

The PlayStation guide to supervillainy – How gaming’s bad guys *should* be doing it

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at 10:21am May 22 2013

Heroes get sidekicks, love interests and the support of the law. Villainy, however, takes skill. Presenting the OPM guide to doing evil.

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