Retrostation: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater – Kojima’s finest hour revisited

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at 02:11pm July 22 2013
Metal Gear Solid 3 ladder

David Meikleham celebrates Metal Gear Solid 3. From that ladder to the incredible jungle setting and a uniquely self-contained historical take on the series canon. Why did Snake Eater have such a memorable impact on PlayStation?

PlayStation’s greatest tennis games remembered

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at 12:20pm July 8 2013

Thousands of Brits will be inspired to pick up a racquet this week on the back of Andy Murray’s success at Wimbledon – but in this heat, and given our hand-eye un-coordination, we’ll be sticking to the virtual type. Looking to fill your week with some ace-smashing antics? Then join us in revisiting PlayStation’s finest tennis efforts…

10 milestones in PlayStation history

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at 10:00am July 3 2013

Our chronological countdown of the moments that changed gaming forever, from the launch of the PlayStation to the dual analogue revolution and beyond.

Remembering PS2: Naughty Dog, Insomniac & more look back on Sony’s game changer

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at 04:56pm March 13 2013

After 12 years the PS2′s long and influential life came to an end this January. Sony announced its production of the console was winding up in a blaze of impressively hard to grasp stats including 153 million units sold along with 1.52 billion pieces of software. Practically anyone with even the most casual gaming interest has owned one, and you’d struggle to find a single gamer who hasn’t got a memory or story linked to the machine. When PlayStation 2′s designer Teiyu Goto said his aim was that, “the design had to inspire a great leap forward” he succeeded.

Your (and our) favourite PlayStation memories

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at 03:00pm February 20 2013
Favourite PlayStation Memories

With PlayStation 4 set to be revealed at 11pm tonight (whaddya mean, you didn’t know?), fans around the globe (as well as Team OPM) have been sharing their favourite Sony console moments on Twitter using the hashtag #playstationmemory. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best.

How PlayStation 2 changed the world

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at 10:51am January 28 2013

We look back at some of the ways PS2 changed the gaming landscape and the world in general. From DVD’s to motion control, singing to sales. Here are the marks the PlayStation 2 made.

PS2′s most influential games – the titles that changed PlayStation & the world

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at 10:45am January 14 2013

There are good games, there are great games… and then there’s Jet Ion GP. Oh, and there are also those particular titles that are often so exemplary, they go on to define their entire genre. The following are some of the most important games on PS2, titles that influenced countless pretenders and changed gaming for good. You may no longer be in production, but we still love you, old pal.

The 10 best PS2 games of all time – the biggest sellers on PlayStation 2

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at 11:56am January 8 2013
PS2 best sellers

With Sony announcing that the PS2 is no longer in production it’s time to celebrate the greatest gaming console ever by looking back at the biggest selling PlayStation 2 games of all time. There’s a reason why this thing sold 153 million consoles and 1.52 billion games.

PS2 production ends – the world’s most successful console no longer being made

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at 11:50am January 7 2013

Sony have confirmed the PlayStation 2 has ceased production worldwide 12 years after it launched in March 2000.

GTA 3 heading to PSN this summer

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at 10:37am July 27 2012

To wet your whistle for GTA V’s arrival, the PS2 classic Grand Theft Auto 3 will be arriving on PSN this summer. Still remember the tank cheat? Time for some nostalgic sociopathic rampaging.

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