PS1 Classics

10 games that changed Playstation history

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at 02:20pm September 10 2012

We look at the PS One, PS2 and PS3 games that cemented Sony’s consoles in living rooms, bedrooms and very rich people’s pool houses the world over. PlayStation past and present thanks you, classic games. Take a bow. A pixellated, CD-ROM bow.

PS1 classics sale – loads of cheap games for your PS Vita on the Store

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at 12:57pm September 4 2012
Syphon filter PS1 classic

The Store is holding a sale to celebrate the arrival of PS1 Classics on PS Vita. 27 PS1 games get a price cut including the highly recommended Syphon Filter, G-Police and good old Crash Bandicoot.

Every PS1 Classic now available on PS Vita. (All 129 of them)

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at 02:45pm August 28 2012
2 Crash Bandicoot

The PS Vita’s 1.8 firmware is now available and with comes a whole hell of a load of PS1 classics. Everything from Syphon Filter to Fear Effect, Silent Hill to Metal Gear

10 classic PlayStation franchises Sony should bring back

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at 11:10am August 28 2012

Shuhei Yoshida recently said that Sony “never retire any franchise”, with that in mind here are some of the great PlayStation names we’d like to see brought back. Some of these are classics that fans have spent years crying out for a sequel. Others are less well know cult hits that you might not remember.

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