PS Vita TV

Putting PS Vita TV to the test – a closer look at Japan’s plug-in-and-play box

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at 11:51am February 25 2014
PS Vita TV

Packing the power of a Vita into a sleek unit the size of a pack of cards, PS Vita TV is a curious piece of PlayStation hardware. With no touchscreen, touchpad, gyro or camera, it is, in a way, quite seriously hobbled. Many of PS Vita’s coolest experiences, from soaring through the sky in Gravity Rush to grinning at the camera in Frobisher Says, are unavailable – because games that rely too heavily on Vita’s unsupported functions simply won’t run on this bit of kit. But fear not, PS Vita TV’s charms lie elsewhere.

Vita TV might be getting a Western release according to Sony email

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at 11:04am December 18 2013

A leaked email suggests Sony are considering adding PlayStation Mobile games to PS Vita TV. The important bit is that it’s an English mail to a Western developer, implying Sony might be bringing the machine to a US/UK market.

PS4, Vita & Vita TV will play PS3 games via Gaikai: backwards compatibility descends from the cloud

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at 04:43pm September 19 2013
Gaikai Sony

Sony has revealed that you will be able to play PS3 games on PS4, PS Vita and PS Vita TV via Gaikai. The services is pencilled in for the US in 2014 initially with “no specific timeframe” for Europe.

8 reasons PS Vita TV is an essential PS4 companion

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at 10:47am September 16 2013

The PS Vita TV is PS4′s set-top box wonder. Part mini-console, part Sony’s answer to Apple TV and much more. It’s going to be an essential companion to PS4 – here’s why.

PS Vita TV announced – play PS Vita & PSP games on your TV, Remote Play PS4 content & films

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at 01:13pm September 9 2013
PS Vita TV

As well as this morning’s PS Vita 2000 announcement Sony has also revealed PS Vita TV. It enables you to play PS Vita & PSP games on your television as well as Remote Play PS4 content and films.

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