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Football Manager Classic 2014 PS Vita review – on-the-go obsession let down by its pressing game

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at 12:42pm April 11 2014

As a recovering FM addict (I’ve banned myself from playing the PC version since 2012), playing Football Manager 2014 Classic could have been a disaster. Sure, this handheld version is meant to be less life-sapping and somewhat shallower, but you don’t go around offering weak lager to alcoholics, do you? The series’ PS Vita debut is a solid supplement to that which you spend your nights playing while hoping the wife doesn’t catch you, but there are enough flaws in its implementation to ensure that I came through the experience with only a mild twitch in one eyelid.

Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse – Episode 1 review – meet the point-and-clickstarter

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at 12:36pm January 16 2014

You know you’re onto something good when you’ve been walking around the same room for over an hour without the slightest hint of boredom. My usual short attention span should have me rage-tapping the rear touchpad in frustration – or bailing entirely to have a mild fit at the latest music video/filth reel from Miley – but instead I’m flitting between suspects at a crime scene, uncovering clues, keys and evidence like an adrenaline-fuelled Poirot.

Soul Sacrifice PS Vita review – It’s a (killer) kind of magic but what makes Keiji Inafune’s take on Monster Hunter a hit?

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at 08:00am April 30 2013
soul sacrifice PS Vita review

They may not be blockbusters in the Uncharted or Killzone mould, but Vita is steadily building up quite the impressive library of quality, somewhat under-the-radar titles. We’ve had Virtue’s Last Reward, Persona 4: Golden, and now Soul Sacrifice, which takes familiar tropes from the monster-hunting genre and turns the looting on its head in a gorgeous, impressively deep package.

Persona 4 Golden PS Vita review – Vita’s coming of age offers a stunning second life

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at 12:13pm April 7 2013
Persona 4 Golden ps vita review

For the initiated: yes, it’s finally here. It’s every bit as fantastic as you’d hoped. Crack on with unreserved assurance that your investment will be rewarded with 70+ of the best hours of RPG gaming you’ll ever know. Remember to breathe. For the uninitiated: stop whatever you’re doing (paramedics, air traffic control staff, Naughty Dog: disregard this) and get yourself the hell initiated.

Uncharted: Fight For Fortune PS Vita review – Against the odds, Drake plays his cards right

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at 02:57pm December 18 2012
Uncharted fight for fortune Ps vita review

Malibu and coke, ketchup and Salt & Vinegar Pringles, Anne Hathaway and Catwoman’s leathers: all unlikely pairings that turned out mighty tasty when you experienced them for the first time. And ‘Magic: The Gathering meets our favourite rogue’ could easily have turned out less Heston Blumenthal, more holy bloomin’ hell. Instead – thankfully – this is a compulsive little time-waster priced even cheaper than a tax-dodging caffeine provider’s flagship beverage.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Declassified PS Vita review

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at 06:05pm November 15 2012

Talk about an on the money title. COD’s Vita debut surely has the most literally appropriate name this side of Medal Of Honor: Warfighter bare knuckle brawling global conflict in the face. First announced in January, then kept hidden like an inbred cellar-dwelling relative until Gamescom in August, Activision has done its best to scrub Declassified from the map. The megaton publisher has barely promoted the handheld shooter. And it ain’t hard to see why.

Need For Speed Most Wanted PS Vita review – connected Vita racer puts monsters in your pocket

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at 12:38pm November 14 2012
Need For Speed Most Wanted 2 E3 Screens

There are two ways to look at Criterion’s handheld port of Need For Speed Most Wanted: one as a technical achievement, and the other as a vehicle for long-term, portable enjoyment. On a technical level, it’s quite striking just how little’s been stripped down on Vita – Fairhaven City in its entirety is present and correct, down to the last Jackspot (not a euphemism), billboard and supercar. All its freedom and scope, its functionality in real-time four player and asynchronous multiplayer finds its way onto handheld with no gimmicky touch controls or tilting.

Smart As PS Vita review – No, not the ‘suit and tie’ type…

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at 11:23am November 7 2012
Smart As PS Vita review

My brain is currently operating at an impressive 92%. I’m pretty pleased with this – it has a nicely intellectual ring to it, right? – especially seeing as I was working with a paltry 74% when I started playing Smart As. I’m clearly never going to be headhunted by Mensa, but I reckon I can now comfortably consider myself to be smarter than a ten-year, or perhaps even a jellybean with a smiley face drawn on it with ballpoint pen.

Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation review – glitch power leaves girl power nowhere to free-run

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at 11:03am November 2 2012

Maybe I’m becoming less tolerant – or more intelligent, although I’m not sure how that’s possible… – but the AI in Assassin’s Creed games seems to be worse than ever. It’s bad in the fully fledged PS3 version, and it’s equally embarrassing in this handheld spin-off.

Silent Hill: Book Of Memories PS Vita review – A new perspective swaps horror for hacking

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at 12:48pm October 25 2012

Silent Hill used to be the high watermark of videogame terror, spreading its influence wide enough that every oiled, jittery horror reminded fans of the gruelling Konami franchise. But despite having all the hallmarks of the series, Book Of Memories is an unhygienic relative, bearing a name it scarcely deserves.

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