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Invizimals The Alliance screens. PS Vita animal battler returns with PS3 Cross Play companion

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at 03:19pm April 9 2013
Invizimals The Alliance

Here are the first screens for Invizimals The Alliance. The PS Vita sequel also gets a PS3 companion this time in the shape of a separate PS3 game called Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom.

Tearaway’s secret message & gameplay explained – Media Molecule talk about crafting its Vita adventure

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at 01:09pm April 5 2013
Tearaway PS Vita

“I’m not allowed to talk about the secrets of the message,” says Media Molecule’s James Spafford. Immediately making the thing a million times more exciting. He will explain the idea behind Tearaway’s hidden surprise though: “Basically Iota [the hero] is a little papery messenger from another dimension. At the beginning of the game this letter will be delivered but it won’t be able to reach you and this little messenger, Iota, is your new friend”.

Killzone: Mercenary gameplay video preview – fighting for the side that pays the most

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at 04:45pm January 31 2013
Killzone Mercenary PS Vita screens

Here’s a video preview full of Killzone Mercenary with me and Phil talking about his time playing the PS Vita shooter and talking the to the devs.

Killzone Mercenary: “When you review it you’re going to write it’s the definitive FPS for PS Vita”

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at 12:00am January 31 2013
Killzone Mercenary PS Vita screens

Guerrilla Games has its sights firmly set on Killzone Mercenary being the seminal shooter for Vita. That’s according to the studio’s managing director Hermen Hulst, who told us in an interview: “I’m going to be happy when come September, you review the game, you’re going to write that this is the definitive FPS for the PS Vita…It’s not so much scores and numbers, but that’s the tone I’m hoping for. “

Tearaway PS Vita screens – Media Molecule continue to be lovely

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at 12:00am January 31 2013
Tearaway ps vita screens

Here’s a bunch of Tearaway screenshots showing Media Molecules gorgeous PS Vita platformer in all it’s papery glory.

LittleBigPlanet PS Vita hands-on preview: Sackboy’s magic toolbox goes miniature

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at 05:00pm August 8 2012

From the moment Stephen Fry welcomes us into LBP Vita, it feels like revisiting a loved childhood home – familiar, but everything looks a lot smaller than we remember.

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