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New LittleBigPlanet games heading to PS Vita says PlayStation France CEO. Possibly

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at 01:46pm April 5 2013
LBP Vita

PlayStation France CEO Philippe Cardon has apparently outed a new LittleBigPlanet heading to Vita while talking about upcoming games for the console.

The Walking Dead Season 1 releasing on PS Vita

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at 03:20pm March 26 2013
Vita walking dead

To be honest if you haven’t played it by now then I don’t see how we can be friends any more… Aaanyway. The first season of The Walking Dead is heading to PS Vita.

Epic Mickey 2 coming to PS Vita – release date ‘later this year’

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at 03:57pm March 18 2013
epic mickey 2 PS Vita

Disney have announced that Epic Mickey 2 is coming to PS Vita with a release date of ‘later this year’.

Lone Survivor getting PS3 & Vita Summer release. New content & ending added

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at 02:44pm March 14 2013
Lone Survivor PS3

Quirky little horror adventure Lone Survivor is getting a PS3 and Vita Summer release, joining Thomas Was Alone and Hotline Miami in a minor wave of indie hits jumping on PS3. It might well be a sign of what to expect on PS4. The Witness’ Jonathan Blow has already talked about PS4 and how he thinks Sony has, “realised downloadable games are going to be bigger than ever”.

US Stores drop PS Vita 3G price by $100, model possibly discontinued Sony have “no plans” for UK cut

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at 01:18pm March 12 2013
PS Vita

[Update: Anyone hoping for a price cut over here best stop waiting. Sony UK have told Techradar that "Outside of Japan, and more specifically where the UK is concerned, we have no plans to cut the price of the Vita at this moment in time."]

A number of US Stores have apparently cut $100 off the price of the 3G PS Vita with several reports that this is ahead of the model being discontinued. Sony recently cut the Japanese PS Vita price and saw a huge boost in sales as a result. It has however stated that reduction was for Japan only.

PS Vita price cut in Japan. “Nothing to announce at this time” for Europe

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at 10:59am February 18 2013

Sony has cut the price of the PS Vita in Japan by nearly 30% from ¥24,980 to ¥19,980. The reduction will be live from February 28th. It’s stated that this reduction is, so far, “for the Japan region only”.

Win signed Tearaway art by making yourself look stupid!

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at 12:09pm February 7 2013
win signed tearaway art

Media Molcule are holding a competition to win some Tearaway art signed by designer Rex Crowle. All you have to do to be in with a chance is make your own Wenidgo mask and send them a picture.

26 cheap PS Vita games to say happy first birthday

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at 03:09pm February 5 2013
Rayman Origins PS Vita review

PS Vita is a year old today and celebrating with a PSN Store sale. In total there are 26 Vita games going cheap with everything from a couple of quid off to a £10+ discount. There’s more money off for PS PLus subscribers too.

Killzone: Mercenary pack shot and release date – packaging & date fans over the moon

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at 01:03pm February 1 2013
Killzone Mercenary packshot release date

There’s your Killzone: Mercenary pack shot. Glowing eyes? Check. Stern men looking serious with guns? Triple Check. Somewhere there’s an art department high fiving the hell out of each other (“Brad you totally nailed it dude!”). The release date’s been set for September 20th.

Killzone: Mercenary gameplay video preview – fighting for the side that pays the most

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at 04:45pm January 31 2013
Killzone Mercenary PS Vita screens

Here’s a video preview full of Killzone Mercenary with me and Phil talking about his time playing the PS Vita shooter and talking the to the devs.

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