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Metal Gear Solid 5 on Vita – Kojima uses Remote Play to take his sneaker portable

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at 12:52pm January 15 2014

Witchcraft! That’s Metal Gear Solid 5 running on… Vita. Elderly gentleman: hold onto your monocles. Thanks to the wonder that is PS4/Vita Remote Play, series mastermind Hideo Kojima has been tweeting pictures of himself playing MGS5 on Sony’s slinky handheld.

Sony chief thinks people look at Vita “as the iPod of gaming”

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at 03:11pm January 13 2014
PS Vita PS4 Link

Fergal Gara is always good for a sound bite. True to form, Sony’s UK MD hasn’t disappointed in a recent interview where he talks about Vita’s future, Remote Play and the handheld’s somewhat disappointing sales figures.

PS Vita will get a price drop starting tomorrow, RRP down to £199

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at 06:44pm August 20 2013
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Hands up who saw this one coming – Vita’s getting its price slashed down to £199, starting now. With many next-gen games pushing the second screen angle and remote play mandatory for all PS4 games, it’s indicative of a big push from Sony to get as many Vitas in PS4 owners’ hands as possible.

Sony confirms all PS4 games will have to support PS Vita Remote Play

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at 12:29pm May 30 2013

After recent speculation Shuhei Yoshida, president of SCE Worldwide Studios, has confirmed on his Twitter that all PS4 games will be required to support PS Vita Remote Play.

Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD Remaster screens scrub up well

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at 05:33pm May 9 2013
Final Fantasy X-2 HD

Here are the first shots of Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD’s current-gen remake of the two PS2 originals. They’re heading to PS3 and Vita.

Hohokum coming to PS4, PS3 & Vita from Frobisher Says! developer Honeyslug

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at 02:30pm May 9 2013

Frobisher Says! was an early Vita highlight so that alone means we’ve reserved a bit of excitement for whatever developer Honeyslug does next. That thing is Hohokum, a cartoony collaboration with Sony Santa Monica and artist Richard Hogg.

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate PS Vita details & screens. 2.5D Metroidvania style adventure fits in much of the full game’s features

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at 03:21pm April 10 2013
Batman Arkham Origins blackgate PS Vita screens

As well as Batman Arkham Origins on PS3 the Vita will also be getting Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, a 2.5D ‘Metroidvania’ style adventure that continues the story after Origins. Here are the first screens and info.

Batman Arkham Origins announced for PS3. “The first Arkham game set on the streets of Gotham City.” Release date October 25, 2013

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at 04:39pm April 9 2013
batman arkham origins screen 1

Warner Bros have announced Batman Arkham Origins as the next game in the franschise with a release date of October 2013. It won’t be developed by creator Rocksteady, with Warner Bros Games Montreal taking a turn this time. Expectations slightly downgraded then.

Invizimals The Lost Kingdom PS3 screens & art. Get a look at the PS3 adventure joining the Vita animal wrangler

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at 03:30pm April 9 2013
Invizimals The Lost Kingdom PS3 screens

Here’s a few screens and art for Invizimals The Lost Kingdom. This is PS3 platformer companion to the PS Vita sequel, Invizimals The Alliance, which has just been announced.

Invizimals The Alliance & The Lost Kingdom coming to PS3 & Vita. Cross Play animal capturing sequel gets console companion

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at 03:09pm April 9 2013
invisimals the lost kingdom

Invizimals is returning to PS Vita and, for the first time, PS3. There are two games on the way: Invizimals: The Alliance for PS Vita & Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom for PS3. The former sticks to the original’s animal catching/training gameplay while the later is a platform puzzler. The two can also link via Cross Play.

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