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Sony boss predicts 10 year life for PS Vita. PSP not dead, either

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at 04:50pm March 13 2012
ps vita

PlayStations are like buse… no wait, they’re absolutely bugger all like that number 14 you ride into work every day. While they might not come two at a time, Sony’s consoles are definitely expanding their lifespans. PS3 is into its sixth year, while we’re looking at around eight years for the little handheld that could PSP. Speaking to Sony UK VP and MD Fergal Gara recently, he talked more in-depth…

PS Vita’s launch titles: puzzle/hybrid game roundup

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at 11:08am February 20 2012
Rayman Origins PS Vita

We’ve already covered all the sports, racing, action and fighting games headed for the Vita at launch – which is in two days. Two days! Anway, focus. There’s a final pocket of games yet to be exmanined, and it contains some of the most exciting, innovative and intruiging titles Vita has to offer – welcome to puzzle/hybrid corner, home to games like Little Deviants, Touch My Katamari, Rayman Origins, and…

Uncharted: Golden Abyss PS Vita review

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at 02:00pm February 13 2012
uncharted golden abyss ps vita review

If we could have anyone to hold our hand as we cross the frontier of a new games console… well, it’d probably be Rachel McAdams or a stern but comely geologist packing a flask full of single malt whisky. But – daydream fantasies aside – Nathan Drake would also be pretty high on the list.

#inbox 22/12 – a festive mailbag of the week’s chatter

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at 12:48pm December 22 2011
PS Vita launch day

As Christmas draws alarmingly near (for those of us that haven’t done any present shopping yet), let’s pour ourselves a cognac, settle down by the roaring fireside and take a sideways glance at the weeks’ news, as told by you – the faithful Facebook, Twitter and site community.

Army Corps of Hell set for Vita launch day in UK

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at 05:09pm December 19 2011
7061battle gigadon

Dubbed ‘Pikmin from hell’ due to its shared developers, Army Corps of Hell looks like an interesting addition to the Vita launch line up on the 22nd of February. You are a banished tyrant who must control a horde of goblins in order to escape hell and take revenge on those who are responsible.

All the PS Vita launch info you’ll ever need

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at 10:04am December 16 2011

As the Japanese launch of PlayStation Vita approaches like some kind of console Christmas party that we in the West aren’t invited to, all aspects of the system’s functionality are starting to become crystal clear. Over the past few weeks there’s been a steady stream of PS Vita information and here we round up everything you need to know, from Vita game pricing, to how it will work with your…

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