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PS Vita Slim screen comparison video – how does LCD stack up to OLED?

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at 02:46pm February 3 2014
Screen shot 2014-02-03 at 1.22.29 pm

Here’s a PS Vita Slim screen comparison video showing how the new, cheaper LCD stacks up to the old OLED screen. I check out some of the menus, play a game – what do you think?

PS Vita Slim UK unboxing & comparison video

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at 01:44pm February 3 2014
PS Vita slim unboxing

Here’s a PS Vita Slim unboxing & comparison video as I take a look at the UK redesign of Sony’s handheld and compare it to the old ‘fat’ OLED model.

Sony announce Indie Game Mega Pack – 10 titles & a 4GB memory card for RRP €24.99

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at 11:58am January 30 2014
PS Vita Mega Bundle

To go with the new PS Vita Slim Sony has announced an Indie Game Mega Pack for February. The 10 game bundle has a RRP of €24.99 for a 4GB memory card plus a download voucher and a RRP of €199.99 for a PS Vita Slim and memory card bundle.

PS Vita Slim comparison shots fresh from Sony’s announcement event

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at 11:37am January 30 2014
PS Vita slim comparison photos

Here’s a few shots comparing the new PS Vita Slim with the old OLED model direct from Sony’s announcement event this morning.

PS Vita Slim launches 7th of Feb in UK – £180 price 6 hours battery life & 1GB internal memory

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at 11:17am January 30 2014
PS Vita Slim

After yesterday’s leak Sony have officially announced the PS Vita Slim for a UK release on February 7th for £180. The older OLED model will be replaced by the lighter LCD version as stock runs out.

PS Vita Slim available for pre-order tomorrow according to ShopTo email. £189, black only

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at 09:20pm January 29 2014
PS Vita slim.jpg

An email from retailer ShopTo has apparently confirmed the PS Vita Slim will be available for pre-order from the 30th of January. It’ll cost £189 and only come in black initially. Sony had sent out invites for an announcement about something “slim” tomorrow. Should be a fun meeting now…

Sony send out invites for something slim – PS Vita 2000 UK release about to announced?

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at 04:36pm January 24 2014
ps invite

Sony has sent out invites to a ‘breakfast briefing’ for “an introduction to the slimmest”. Weird English aside it looks like something’s about to get announced, most likely a UK release for the PS Vita 2000 announced in Japan last year. That switched out the OLED screen for LCD, reducing the size and cost while increasing the battery life.

PS Vita 2000 unboxing & comparison videos – shape, buttons & screens put side by side

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at 10:15am October 16 2013
PS Vita 2000 unboxing & comparison

Two videos have popped up online comparing the PS Vita 2000 to the original model. The first is an un-boxing which doesn’t really have too many surprises, before moving on to show the differences between the two such as buttons and shape. Finally the screens are compared. To be honest there’s not a great deal of difference.

Photos emerge comparing budget Vita’s LCD screen to the full-price OLED model

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at 01:00pm September 12 2013

You’d have thought the words ‘PlayStation Vita’ would have gone unspoken like some ancient language in the run up to PS4′s release, but not so – in addition to a truckload of exciting indie games and a price cut, the Sony handheld’s also being released as a slimmer budget model with an LCD screen. And this, reader, is how that LCD screen looks next to its fancier OLED brother.

Sony has “nothing to announce” on the PS Vita 2000 outside of Japan

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at 11:08am September 11 2013
PS Vita 2000

While Sony recently revealed a new cheaper PS Vita 2000 will be hitting Japan on October 10 it has apparently stated it has “nothing to announce” on a release outside of that territory.

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