Metal Gear Rising Cyborg Ninja skin, “will be included in all EU versions of the game!”

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at 10:47am November 21 2012
Metal Gear Rising Cyborg Ninja DLC

[Update: I've just been told this by Konami's UK twitter, "Just thought you should know, the Cyborg Ninja skin in MG Rising will be included in all EU versions of the game! Thank you!".]

Gamestop US is currently offering the original Metal Gear Solid Cyborg Ninja as a pre-order bonus skin. So far we’ve only seen a Metal Gear Rising Collector’s Edition offering steelbooks, Raiden figures and armour DLC but that’s huge and expensive. This is probably the first of a few smaller offers

Tomb Raider pre-order incentives announced: include exclusive levels, weapon and upgrades

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at 04:23pm October 9 2012

Square Enix have announced the first round of pre-order deals for Tomb Raider which is due for release in at the beginning of next year. There will be two version of the the game, The Survival Edition which comes with arts books, maps and DLC code and a Deluxe Edition which gets all that and 6 inch Lara Croft figurine.

PS Vita pre-order guide: the cheapest prices, best bundles

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at 12:16pm February 2 2012
PS Vita pre-order guide

With the PS Vita arriving in just a few weeks’ time on 22 February, we thought it best to examine the best pre-order deals out there. Finding the cheapest deal is one thing (and we have, don’t worry), but finding a deal that bundles the games and kit you’d actually want is quite another. Brace yourself as we scrutinise the market with the precision of a cyborg tax collector and…

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