Evolve, Thief, COD & goodbye Ben: Official PlayStation Magazine podcast 53

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at 12:07pm February 10 2014
podcast 53

A sad farewell this month to OPM ed Ben Wilson who leaves to become a full time dad. In his final podcast we talk about whether it’s over for COD, talk about Evolve, Thief and question Ben on his highlights of Official PlayStation mag skipper.

The US and UK PS4 launch: Official PlayStation Magazine podcast 52

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at 02:12pm November 18 2013
podcast_card 52

It’s a big farewell to deputy editor Joel on this month’s OPM podcast – and a big hello to new features editor Jason. But we’re not only here to talk staffing changes: editor Ben and the team also chat PS4’s impending arrival, the best launch title, PS3’s most underrated game, Driveclub, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and plenty more besides.

GTA 5, Assassin’s Creed 4 & great game endings: Official PlayStation Magazine podcast 51

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at 12:08pm October 1 2013
podcast 51

It’s all change on this month’s Official PlayStation Magazine podcast, as editor Ben Wilson and compadres introduce two new regular features, and say farewell to two longstanding team members. We delve deeper into cover game Battlefield 4, analyse Watch Dogs’ chances of being PS4′s first classic, and talk GTA 5 in detail – while remaining blissfully spoiler-free.

FIFA, PES, Hotline Miami & 50th birthday goings on: Official PlayStation Magazine podcast 50

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at 05:19pm August 2 2013
podcast 50

The big five-oh is here! That’s right, this month’s Official PlayStation Magazine podcast sees editor Ben Wilson and the team celebrating the 50 episode landmark by looking back on their best and worst birthdays, revealing what they love most about working on OPM, and reintroducing some old favorites such as Name That Tune and What We’ve Been Arguing About With Leon This Month. As for games, there’s a look ahead to this year’s footy face-off between FIFA and PES, and Phil weighs in on what may be the worst PS3 game ever made.

Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed 4 and more: Official PlayStation Magazine podcast 49

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at 05:24pm July 5 2013
Watch Dogs E3 PS4 screens

It’s a time for celebration on this month’s Official PlayStation Magazine podcast, as editor Ben Wilson and the team look back on a triumphant four weeks for PS4 and even host a mini birthday party. Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed IV and Driveclub are among the games up for discussion, the team reveals which weapons it would tool up with in order to survive the apocalypse, plus plenty more gaming goodness in addition to those highlights.

GTA V, Watch Dogs, E3 predictions: Official PlayStation Magazine Podcast 48

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at 10:45pm June 7 2013
OPM Podcast 48

E3 o’clock is almost upon us, and to mark the occasion editor Ben Wilson and the team make their predictions for the big show in this month’s Official PlayStation Magazine podcast. No, Kane & Lynch 3 does not make the shortlist. Elsewhere the team talk their expectations for GTA V, discuss cover games Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed IV, COD: Ghosts and Driveclub, and try not to laugh (without much success)…

Bioshock Infinite, Thief on PS4 & Batman Arkham Origins: Official PlayStation Magazine podcast 47

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at 10:47am April 16 2013
podcast 47

Bioshock, Bioshock, Bioshock – if there’s a recurring theme to this month’s Official PlayStation Magazine UK podcast it’s a certain game whose name ends in Infinite. In this episode, Ben Wilson and the team discuss the game’s controversial ending, best and worst vigors, lasting legacy and much more. Elsewhere there’s a detailed look at Issue 83 cover game Thief, plus loads of talk about Batman: Arkham Origins, Skyrim DLC, and which games the team would take to a desert island with them.

Official PlayStation Magazine podcast 46: PS4 info, Assassin’s Creed 4 & more

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at 11:52am March 19 2013

It’s real, and we’re so excited about it that we’ve dedicated almost an entire podcast to discussing its innards, its games, and its lovely, tasty looking new pad. This month deputy editor Joel Gregory helms the PS4 special, in which we run the rule over the best of the announced games so far, including Louise talking new Assassin’s Creed and Leon discussing “moving the parallax”. Thrilling stuff. We’ve also got verdicts on Crysis 3, God Of War: Ascension, and Tomb Raider. Plus, Meiks laughs a lot at the word “pawn”, because he’s an immature child. Enjoy!

Official PlayStation Magazine podcast 45: Killzone: Mercenary, Tearaway, and what PS4 might bring…

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at 05:02pm February 15 2013
podcast 45

With a potential PS4 reveal on the horizon, this month’s Official PlayStation Magazine podcast finds editor Ben Wilson and the team analysing the chances of Sony’s next-gen console being unveiled at the PlayStation Meeting event in New York. Elsewhere staff writer Phil delves deeper into new Vita hopes Tearaway and Killzone Mercenary, Dead Space 3 and Aliens: Colonial Marines get dissected, and one member of the team lifts the lid on ‘tentpole’ gaming. It’s not what you think…

Official PlayStation Magazine podcast 44: Bioshock Infinite, PS4, Saints Row 4, WWE 14, and more…

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at 10:20am January 22 2013
Podcast 44

A new year is here, and this episode of the Official PlayStation Magazine podcast finds editor Ben Wilson and the team looking ahead to the next 12 months in gaming. Is Bioshock Infinite going to live up to the hype? What are the chances of PS4 emerging before the year is out? And will THQ games like WWE, Homefront, Saints Row and Red Faction survive now that the company has gone bankrupt? Listen in for answers to all of the above, and much more.

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